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Jackie Said:

I got F1 student visa out of status because I dropped all classes and didn't take any unit. Can I reinstate?

We Answered:

Don't worry mate, if you drop the ball, pick it up and keep on playing, now next time you go see the INS, make them sure that you already picked up what you dropped and ready to play. So make an appointment as soon as possible, you'll be alright.

Edit: Ignore the hate remarks, they are truly ignorable, no hate remarks ever come from intelligent so don't even mind it, like an empty space, or an echo etc.

I wish you the best of luck my friend.

Charles Said:

Why won't United Korea (North+South Korea) be invincible?

We Answered:

Because even with all the minerals, North Korea is a third-world nation that is some food aid and nukes away from being Ethiopia-massive starvation decimating the land. GDP per cap estimates are as low as $550 from the UN and $1900 from the CIA (the method the CIA uses makes for a higher numbers artificially. You should know that $1900 is a low number, good for 189th out of 227 entities). It's illuminating the World Bank doesn't even try and figure out how bad the country is. The only reason they have all those hacker-attackers is due to a constant effort to keep elements of the military at the highest possible levels of funding. If they re-united, those guys would go away.

There's a couple more effects of reunification that must be considered. The example of German reunification is worth noting. The West Germans got stuck having to shoulder the burden of trying to rebuild the East German economy, which, while powerful under communism, wasn't able to adapt to free-market enterprise (ie when you had a choice about which refrigerator you wanted to buy, rather than what the DDR told you).

The only way the Korean peninsula reunifies would be the North Korean government collapses. After this happens, the Northern half would be an unqualified mess. South Korea would be responsible for trying to stabilize, rebuild, and redevelop the economically barren wasteland that is the DPRK-to include getting enough food for the starving populace. Food is really the big item here-no one knows how close the North Koreans are to Horn of Africa-level starvation, but it's not far off. Very few of the North's industries would survive the upheaval, and would have to be rebuilt from the ground-up. They can't grow anything. Yeah, there's lots of minerals, but it will take time to set up the infrastructure to really exploit them. In the meantime, you are feeding for the people and trying to keep them from lynching every apparatchik they can get their hands on for what they have endured for the last 60 years.

So, short form is that Korea after unification is not going to be invincible.

Marilyn Said:

Even if the U.S. improves the quality of its education, won't that still put it behind other countries?

We Answered:

I agree with some of our poster that our standard education is inferior, but our college level schools are on of the best. The problem is that our colleges are decaying for the same reason why our High school fell apart. Liberals think all are equal, so our best students get dragged down with the those who needs more help. As for minorities being dumber, it's partly because of drugs, alcohol, lack of access to medicine and diet, not genetic like some stated before. These factors lower the ability of a growing child or even the fetus. If there is more drug abuse, there are more birth defects caused by pregnant moms using. These factor drags the average IQ down for minority groups. Also other factors include the poor needing to work two jobs to support a family. If they work so hard, they can not spend time with their kids to help with the homework. Also there is book written that adress why Hispanics do so poor scholastically. One of the reason is the sexist culture Some of them came from (Different factions of the Hispanic culture, interpret differently how females should be treated). That some males refuse to learn from a female teachers. A study in Lincoln Height (An area my family lived in and nothing like how ABC TV portray) asked why Hispanics do so poorly and Asians do so well, found that Hispanics bring down their own. They found both Asians and Hispanics believe that Asians should do well in school and Hispanic should not. Part of the problem is the expectation of non Hispanics, but the other half is Hispanic self image. Hispanics in that High school would insult Hispanics for doing well in school. They would call them Asians. ALthough it's not entirely taken seriously, it would still create an air that would alienate Hispanics who do well and put a downward pressure. When I was IN High School, I went to a school famous for starting High school shootings. I went to my High school before I went to college and found out there was a shooting of a classmate the day before who wanted to say good bye to some teachers as well. He was african American, and some jealous Gang member shot him. I believe they did it out of jealousy. That they consider their former friend leaving for college is a rejection. Also they wanted to destroy evidence that racism is not what keeps African Americans from succeeding.

Timothy Said:

Why do most Americans insults the Canadians almost frequently?

We Answered:

"Canadians have much tolerance towards the Native Americans (many names in Canada are based on words from Native American languages). There's less racial tension in Canada."

if this wasn't such an outright lie i might be tempted to laugh. there are as many native names in usa but they aren't very tolerant either. canada's dirty little secret concerning first nations is now seen in the light of day. your government is still in the 21st century trying to eliminate native people...the genocide continues. and while they do everything in their power to undermine us, your heads are filled with lies of tax payer money being used to support us. get a clue...canada has been leeching off indigenous peoples just like usa has since you showed up on your boats.

try again. as far as i and many other natives are concerned, canada and usa are one and the same...greedy liars

Jordan Said:

Why do liberals score higher on their SATs?

We Answered:

I'm not liberal and I scored in the 99th percentile on my SATs

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