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Scholarship For International Students In Canada

Alma Said:

international student scholarship help.?

We Answered:

If you are a citizen of an EU country you will be guaranteed a great deal from any British University. I do not know too much about what you would be offered under other circumstances.

Jeffrey Said:

Where can I get a film scholarship to go film school in the US or Canada?

We Answered:


I've recently found a site that offer you to get $10,000 scholarship.Go and register now.Registration is free.

Jason Said:

What is a good GPA(grade point average) to get scholarship for MSC?

We Answered:

I'd love to help answer your question.

However, I'm not sure what you mean by MSC. That can stand for Master of Science degree (most usually abbreviated as MsC or M.Sc.) In the USA, it can also stand for Mesa State College (Grand Junction, Colorado.)

To help get you started on learning on how to qualify to admission to United States colleges/universities as an international student, here's a link to the well-respected College Board web pages with information for international students:…

The nice thing about the College Board information, you don't end up getting a lot of spam if you register (for free) to use the college board resources.

Here is another link to good information for international students wishing to attend a U.S. college/university:

This link also gives information regarding financial aid and scholarships for international students wishing to attend U.S. colleges/universities:…

For college/university study in Canada, you may wish to start here:…
-- and look here:…

Regarding your marks in school and if they will be high enough to meet U.S. or Canadian college/university admissions requirements, you might find better information by looking at the information regarding admissions requirements for international students on the web pages of the specific college or universities that interest you.

Best wishes

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