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Scholarship For International Students In Usa

Margaret Said:

Is there any way for me to find a scholarship or a grant to study in USA???PLEASE HELP?

We Answered:

First shortlist universities for your course...then individuallly go to the site of each university and check for scholarships, financial aid and brusaries.
other than that you can check out the forums at

Ramona Said:

Is it possible to get a scholarship for a transfer international student in the USA universities?

We Answered:

Many colleges offer scholarships to International students already on campus. Check w/ the International Student Offices of the universities to see, but I would think that they would gear it more toward Iternational students who have been w/ the college for a few semesters already. However, you never know some universities really want International students and would offer great incentives. Figure out schools you want to go to and communicate with the admissions, scholarship, finicial aid, & International center to establish yourself and find more info. GOOD LUCK!

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