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Scholarship For International

Douglas Said:

How do you get an international scholarship to a US college?

We Answered:

It's specific for every college, you have to go on the college's website and search "international scholarship" that should bring up the different options and how to apply

Alexander Said:

ENTER score for international scholarship from University of Melbourne?

We Answered:

international scholarship from University of Melbourne

Ray Said:

How to get back my international scholarship?

We Answered:

Sadly, when you lost your scholarship, they likely actually gave it to someone else. Those funds are being used by another student.*

Speak to them about what your options might be. Can you get the scholarship again for next term, or are you sunk? Are there any other options available to you?

Also speak to your academic advisor, and if necessary, your academic dean. See what your options are.

*I know this because I actually gained a scholarship that another student lost because their grades sank too low.

Arthur Said:

Is there any International Scholarship for Chinese female student?

We Answered:

Maybe you're eligible for this scholarship from University Language Services:…

Best of luck!

Misty Said:

How do I start applying for an international scholarship?

We Answered:

For scholarship or financial aid questions, I point my friends to go to the site and take a look around.Its good mini directory with a few great sources of information.

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