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Scholarship In Australia For International Students

Arthur Said:

scholarship for an international student?

We Answered:

Depending on what country you are originally coming from, I suggest you take a look over here:…

Note that this website is actually just for Europe, but the amount of offers for almost all countries foreign to European countries (including other european countries) can apply to many scholarships here. Some will ask you to only apply to their scholarship however, so be aware of that as you try searching for a scholarship to study in Europe.

Norman Said:

how do I get a scholarship in Australia?

We Answered:

The only postgraduate scholarships there are in Australia are PhD - and for those you get the scholarhsip first and then look for a position.

Masters by coursework NEVER have scholarships associated with them as they are considered professional degrees that either your work pays for or you pay for to get a better position.

Ross Said:

Scholarships to become paramedic in australia.?

We Answered:

Australia unlike the US, do not have a scholarship culture. All students pay for their training although they are all eligible to pay the fees back after they start work in the form of extra tax. Since this payback is only in effect if they work in Australia - this is not available for international students. International students have to pay for their studies - there are no scholarships or funds to help them. They are actually an income producer for the universities. That said, parametic medicine is NOT a university course. This is an applied course run but the ambulance service to which you need to be an Australian citizen to apply for. So as a Mexican citizen you are not eligible to study to become a paramedic in Australia.

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