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Scholarship To Study Abroad

Troy Said:

Need a good site to get a scholarship to study abroad?

We Answered:

Studying in New Zealand is one good opportunity for International Students to gain new knowledge and discover new skills despite of high cost of living and tuition fees but considering to study in New Zealand is much cheaper than other countries. Some of the courses offered by different universities in New Zealand are available for academic, professional and vocation studies. You can also learn English language courses offered by certain schools in New Zealand.

Jeffery Said:

What are the requirement to obtain a scholarship to study abroad for masters degree?

We Answered:

Look into the possiblity of a Fullbright program offered either from your native country or from the country you wish to study abroad in. Google fullbright to find the site in your language.

Pauline Said:

How do I get a scholarship to study abroad?

We Answered:

I believe that you can fill out a FAFSA application, which while I have heard some things I'm not sure how much this will help. Or of course you can you can check the school's website and look for scholarships. Search the internet, I'm sure you'll find financial aid websites. Studying abroad is very expensive but I'm sure people find ways to pay for it. You can try asking your company to transfer you to the country where you want to study so you can work to help pay for your studies, or even make so that they pay you to study, depending on your area of work. Have you ventured to take some classes online? Sometimes it's a pain but it's different for everyone.

Benjamin Said:

Can I get a scholarship to study abroad? And what about study abroad financial aid ?

We Answered: - it has detailed info how to apply for financial aid and scholarships to get more cash.

Karen Said:

bright futures scholarship and study abroad?

We Answered:

At most universities, when you study abroad you enroll in some sort of a dummy course, so you're still officially enrolled at your home university even though you're actually somewhere else. If your uni does this, then it's very safe to say that you'll still get your scholarship - as far as they're concerned you're still studying at your uni. Check with your school though - study abroad offices usually know the answer to this one.

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