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Scholarships Canada International Students

Lonnie Said:

How can international students get scholarships to canada?

We Answered:

It's very difficult for first year students. For American students studying in Canada, scholarship or grant money originating in the U.S. which does not need to be paid back must typically stay in the U.S. Also, Canadian schools offer few scholarships (called bursaries) or other financial aid opportunities for International Students, particularly for in-coming freshmen (although each school's catalog should be checked). Your best shot is to check to see if merit-based bursaries are offered during a student’s second, third or fourth year of study, but you need to ensure that international students are eligible. Check both the school you plan to attend as well as opportunties offered by your program of study (e.g., major) at that school. Some countries do offer afforable student loans for their own citizens studying abroad. For example, American citizens are eligible for the U.S. Stafford Student Loan and U.S. Parents PLUS Loan if the student is attending a Canadian school recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. If you are an American citizen, you might want to check out the website below. Good luck.

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