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Scholarships For International Students In Australia

John Said:

Scholarships as an international student (United States to Australia)... have I a chance?

We Answered:

ask your financial aid adviser at your college, they should know the answers :)

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For a student wishing to achieve a scholarship in Australia, you must be aware that there's certain complications you must be taking care of. I've heard that the most important thing for you is to become socially and physically active all-the-while attaining a 1400+ SAT score.

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With the correct grades and activity participation, everyone's got a chance according to I myself studied as a scholar in a very prestigious, European university.

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You do have a chance if you have good credit report. Australia offer good scholarships for students with impressive credit scores. You don’t have to worry about all that. Go to your financial adviser in your college and they might help you with this.

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