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Scholarships For International Students In The United States

Rene Said:

Which are the cheapest universities in the United States for International Undergrad students?

We Answered:

You sound like an intelligent student. You can have a successful future with careful planning and strategizing. My advise to you is that its best to stay at home and study your bachelors degree at home. It can be in Bangladesh, India, or any such place. After you have a bachelors degree firmly in your grasp then come to the United States to study for your masters.

Honestly, if your funds are limited then there are very few options available. You can go to community college for the first two years. I recommend Richland Community College in Dallas Tx or Collin County Community College. A community college will teach you the first two years of college. Its cheap as in $3,000 a year. Plus room, food, living expenses of $15,000 that will be exactly enough for you to get a visa. Community college does not have a very challenging academic enviroment though but if you are desperate for a visa and money is tight then its a last option.

Some US embassies will NOT give you a student visa for community college. They feel its too simple/ basic and you are really wanting to permanently immigrate to the US. So this plan may backfire.

After two years you can transfer to a regular university.

My honest opinion is that you should stay in your country and at least get a bachelors degree before you try going abroad. Many students drop out of school due to lack of finances and end up becoming taxi drivers. Just stay home, go to college, then come here for your masters.

Many, many foreigners regret coming here prior to getting an education. In ten years time when you compare yourself to your class mates from home they will have a far better education than yours. They will live in a big house plus two housemaids while you are driving a taxi in the wonderful USA. Just a warning. Things can go well if you are very lucky and you come here with no education. But things are more likely to go badly and I say that based on experience.

Again, the best thing to do is to come to the USA after you have completed your bachelors degree.

My top picks for a 4 year college include UT Austin and Texas A and M. I recommend these two colleges because they are cheap, ranked in the top twenty of public colleges, and they are in Texas. Texas itself is a state that offers many advantages such as - cheap cost of living, housing is affordable, most foreigners are able to buy a home, jobs are plentiful, lowest unemployment rate, strongest economy, good weather, very little racial prejudice. It is a wonderful place to thrive as a foreigner.

Stay away from the east and west coast, namely New York, Massachussets, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Stick to Texas, Arizona, Utah, and other southern states. These places are not as glamorous and flashy as the others. Remember right now you are strategizing and planning for your future tomorrow, not what looks good on facebook today.

If you do come here I recommend you study these two fields: biomedical engineering (CAT scans, MRI machines, X rays) or renewable energy engineering (solar energy, wind energy). Those are the two hottest fields in engineering right now. The other fields in engineering are flooded (too many graduates). Its very important for you to study what is in demand because of the slow economy. That way you will be able to get a well paying job quickly after you graduate. I am giving you many helpful tips here. Read my answer twice and save it.

For a regular university:

To study in the USA you need a minimum of USD $30,000 a year to finance tuition, food and board. There are almost NO scholarships for international students. You can not get a student visa unless you have the money available in your bank account.

You need an F-1 student visa to study as a university student.

Getting admitted into college is pretty easy. Choose one of the "100 best public universities." Public means state or government. Private colleges like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford are too expensive and too competitive.

Good luck.

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