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Scholarships In Uk For International Students

Margie Said:

Move to UK or be an international student to study?

We Answered:

Well its good to study abroad and living on your own is itself is a challenge...
I am an international student studying in Sydney. And my experience says that you could do it anyway there is nothing you can't do. I am in a lot of debts and having hard time paying them off.
Being an international student and working at the same time to make a living, saving for your studies is not as easy as it seems to be... Meeting the cost of your rent groceries transport phones and above all tuition fees and other expenses is hard but it does not mean you can't do it...

Looking at your two different plans it seems that you can choose any of them it depends what you want
Well for the first plan Being in DEBT is nothing I am in debt and you cannot imagine of anyone without debt? Actually there is no solution to debt... After you finish your studies you can work and pay off your debts, also you can keep paying while you are studying as well...
If you go for the first plan DONT GET AFRAID OF THE DEBT. It will not take your whole life to clear off the debts?

For the second plan it sounds good too. Also in the second plan you will be in debt as well but it will be much less than the first one...

Any of the plan works for you IF YOU WANT IT YOU WILL DO IT

This is what I know and and doing something good will always bring the GOOD of you...

Tyrone Said:

lshtm--hi to apply for scholarship in the UK what r the things I should do?

We Answered:

Go to the British Council in your home country and find out the procedures to get the scholarship and you must be a very brilliant person and can contribute to the development of your community.The council staff may have information for foreigners to apply for the award.

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