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Schools For International Students

Tracy Said:

Are there inexpensive Canadian schools for international students?

We Answered:

There are none that are cheap, but the ones I know about have international student tuition rates about 2-3 times the domestic rate. For example, an undergraduate in Arts at University of Alberta would pay about $6000 for two semesters if he or she were eligible for the Canadian rate, and about $18000 if he or she were international. At Dalhousie, the Canadian student would pay $6800 and the international student would pay $14060. The international student would also need to pay for health insurance.

Have you considered spending a year here as an exchange student and then returning to your own institution? That way you just pay fees to your home institution.

Elaine Said:

Med and pharmacy schools for international students?

We Answered:

For pharmacy, most schools do not accept international students. Of the ones which do, you will receive no financial aid. Some will make you put up all the money before hand. The tuition will run at least $100k and most likely more than that. Research experience is not required.

Glenda Said:

Good schools for international students in Los Angeles area?

We Answered:

It sounds as if you are looking for a university.

The big names in LA are UCLA and USC.

Cecil Said:

What is the best international school in Bali for year senior school students?

We Answered:

Try contacting this school…

if it doesnt try from this list…

Only you can decide which one would suit you as expensive does not mean good !

Maxine Said:

Schools for international students in Florence?

We Answered:

Via del Ghirlandaio, 6, FLORENCE FI - 055 614 5914

Istituto Galilei -
via degli Alfani 68, Florence - 055 294 680

InTavola -
Via dei Velluti, 18/r, Florence - 055 217 672

language: Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Italian language school in Florence - 055 261 181

Istituto Italiano Italian Language School - 055 265 4510

Accademia Europea di Firenze - 055 211 599

Accademia del Giglio - 055 230 2467

Centro Fiorenza - Italian Language and Culture Courses - 055 239 8274

Eurocentres Florence Italian Language School

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