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Semester At Sea

Martha Said:

how much does one semester at sea cost?

We Answered:

The standard cost of Semester at Sea is $15,775 for a 100-day fall or spring voyage and $9,525 for a 65-day summer program. Financial assistance is available to students based on financial need. Students who are eligible for Pell Grants or Stafford Loans may use them for Semester at Sea, either by transferring the awards through their home school or by applying through Semester at Sea. In addition, students may apply for financial assistance from the Institute for Shipboard Education.

Jason Said:

Has anyone ever gone on Semester at Sea?

We Answered:

I have not gone on Semester at Sea (I'm a college professor), but several of my students have, and they all loved it. They thought the teaching was excellent and being able to visit all of the different places was exciting. Just make sure you clear it with your university first, to make sure all the credits will transfer the way you want them to.

Andrew Said:

Has anyone ever done semester at sea and a year abroad in college?

We Answered:

I know exactly what u mean
anyway since you are still in highschool you have room to manuver. When you get ecepted to yr school of choice them them what you are planning and they will work with you to do so. I belive that they will just count it as a yr abroad like for most ppl. But you have to let them know so that you can plan out ur college courses ahead of time.

Mike Said:

Is Semester at Sea a difficult program to get into? How important is the essay?

We Answered:

Here is the info..and FAQ, hope this helps:…

Leon Said:

Series about a semester at sea?

We Answered:

'The Voyage of the Mimi' [1984] -
'The Second Voyage of the Mimi' [1988] -

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