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Short Term Study Abroad

Sandra Said:

Scholarship abroad for government employees from the Philippines?

We Answered:

For those looking for a nice helpful guide & need some assistance in finding scholarship funds & money I've found a great resource offering over $38 million dollars in scholarship funds. They send you a free guide in the mail & offer great assistance in getting the funds you need for College. go to the site below for the free guide. - The Site Offering Free Guide to Over $38 million in scholarship money

Good Luck

Vincent Said:

Where in Europe should I go in the summer that isn't incredibly crowded?

We Answered:

Try east Europe. Most tourist go to the south or the major cities and seem to forget about the east. It's really nice there though. Germany is also a good option.

Wayne Said:

Does anyone know of any short-term study abroad scholarships available For UK/USA?

We Answered:

Honey, if you really want to come to the US you must accept you can not get an scholarship as an international student. You must be able to prove you have minimum $20,000 USD in the bank prior to getting a student visa. My best suggestion for you is try coming to the US for a short time. You can come as a visitor/tourist B1/B2 visa. Or as a cultural exchange visitor J1 visa. But if you don't have the money then its virtually impossible to study in the USA. I don't mean to be harsh, I am just being realistic.

Try studying in your own home country. If you study nursing or medicine you will have better chances of coming here on a work visa but only after you graduate and are fully qualified. Other than that, no-one will give you a scholarship for your first (bachelors) degree. Believe me, I tried. There is no such thing as a short term study abroad scholarship. Do you mean for one semester only? Those are 100 percent funded by the student. Those are more similar to cultural exchange.

Look at this information I got for you. Research the J1 visa you might like it for a short term option. Good luck.

The reality is that there is very little financial aid available from US sources for international students. International student scholarships are very hard to secure. The great majority of international students in America must rely exclusively on themselves and their relatives for funding. If you need to obtain financial aid or an international student scholarship to afford an American education, the best place for you to look is your home country. There may be international student scholarships and international student loans available for study abroad from your government, or from local businesses, organizations, and foundations in your home country.

Other places to look for international student scholarships, international student loans and other forms of international student aid are international humanitarian organizations that want to promote international education and cultural exchange with the USA. Included in these organizations are the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the League of Red Cross Societies, and the World Council of Churches. Some of these organizations have restricted financial aid, international student scholarships and international student loans. For example, the international student scholarships or aid may only be available to graduate students, students from a specific ethnic group, or students who have chosen a specific course of study. Financial aid and scholarships from these organizations are very competitive, so you need to start your search early.

Finally, there are also many universities in the US that provide financial aid and international student scholarships to international students. However, this aid is usually limited and is often more readily available to graduate than undergraduate students. Furthermore, competition for international student scholarships and aid is fierce, and schools are careful to help out the most deserving international students. Good grades and exam scores are extremely important in securing an international student scholarship. Find out whether any of the schools that you would like to apply to have grants, loans or scholarships for international students. If they don’t, and you have not been able to obtain enough funding on your own, you may have to consider other schools that will help. - This site helps international students who want to study in the USA with time-saving international student scholarship search tools. It also contains advice sections for international students.

International Education Financial Aid (IEFA) – This site provides a searchable database that contains various sources of aid available to international students. It is a free service.

International Student Loans – This site offers loans to international students, so long as the international student loan is co-signed by an American citizen.

Fulbright – Fulbright grants are available for international students in graduate school.

Rotary International – This organization provides some limited international student scholarships.

The Soros Foundations Network – This foundation offers international student scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Many are restricted to students from specific countries.

AAUW – This organization provides fellowships for international graduate students who are women.

American Councils for International Education – The councils provide international student grants and fellowships to international students from the former Soviet republics.

AMIDEAST – This organization provides grants for international students from the Middle East and North Africa.

Maria Said:

What countries are the easiest and cheapest to get to from Florence, Italy?

We Answered:

The closest (and cheapest) are San Marino and Vatican City which are both completely surrounded by Italy. I live about two hours north of Florence and like to use the night trains to get to Paris, Munich or Vienna for the weekend. You can sleep through the night while you travel and arrive close to the tourist spots. If you book tickets in advance, there are excellent discounts - the cheapest discounted level is the "smart" price - you can go to Paris for as little as 45 euro each way in a compartment with 4 berths or 35 euro in one with 6 berths. There are limited numbers of these on any given train. For train schedules and prices:…

The Vatican is of course just a trip to Rome away. To get to San Marino, take the train to Rimini and then there are buses from across the street in front of the station. The bus ticket office is very visible coming out of the station.

There are also a number of budget airlines operating that have good deals to various countries - I'm in the Netherlands right now waiting for my flight back to Italy. In addition to the Florence airport itself, you'll want to consider Pisa (there are trains between the airport and Florence) and bologna (train to Bologna is less than 50 minutes and there's a bus from the train station to the airport). A good site for budget flights is: (If this comes up in another language, there's a pull down menu where you can select English.

Bessie Said:

good study abroad to go to pakistan from america?

We Answered:

As you said you want to study Pashto then that would mean you would probably have to go to Peshawar as Pashto is not spoken in the other cities, Urdu as it's the official language will also be spoken and that too would be in Peshawar. There will be other places in Pakistan that teach urdu, but i doubt they'd teach pashto. Well i have relatives that live in Peshawar, i personally don't think its dangerous despite what people say. The majority of the people there are Pashtuns, and we are very hospitable.

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happy wheels said:

The short-term study information and questions you give are very good and very helpful for me in my upcoming study trip.