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Steven Said:

How can I distract myself while my bf studies abroad?

We Answered:

why don't you look into a short term working-abroad program, like teaching English in Japan? There are a lot of opportunities, it will build your resume, and you'll have good stories too : )

i waited around for someone abroad and it was a huge mistake and a waste of my time pining away and spending money to visit so make sure to put yourself first! remember, he's meeting new people all the time and you aren't there, so be cautious with your emotions

Marc Said:

why do you choose to study abroad and not locally?

We Answered:

My University has some of the best and brightest Professors, not to mention state-of-the art labs and cutting edge programs.

I compared my options (state college & universities) and applied for lots of scholarships. Only a few places offered me any funding and I'm already in debt with student loan. When I was offered an International scholarship, it was great!

Yes, there is the decided benefit of being totally immersed in a different culture. There's nothing like getting separated from the life you're familiar with to open your eyes. Besides the obvious diversity, studying abroad serves to enrich your knowledge.

In addition to you learning all about a different culture and lifestyle, your hosts will also be interested in you. It makes for a very interesting communication exchange, and I would recommend going International for a degree to anybody.

Nicholas Said:

Study abroad program: world learning??

We Answered:

I did an Experiment in International Living trip to Spain while I was in high school and although I had a good time, it wasn't because of the program. Our leader didn't seem to speak much Spanish, always dressed like a tourist, got mugged, spent our food money frivolously, and ended up tripping on the sidewalk and spraining his ankle. He was so hopeless, and I'm not sure how he ended up leading a trip of a bunch of teenagers! The Spanish classes themselves were so unhelpful that I have no memory of them except playing charades, mostly in English though. The only reason I had a good time was because I loved my host family and got to be good friends with my host sisters.

If you're looking for a more academically fulfilling program with great staff support, I would recommend a summer program with The Center for Cross-Cultural Study ( Their programs are more for college students, but mature high school students can participate. You have classes with a native Spanish professor and the staff there are SO nice! They even have an optional trip to Morocco so you could still go there!

Angel Said:

How do I present a good case for studying abroad to my parents?

We Answered:

As a student who's currently studying abroad in Australia, I can say, wow what an experience. Studying abroad will help you become more independent and discover who you are. I've changed so much in the past 3 months.

Student loans cover semester study abroad programs. You'd need a private student loan if you intend to go during the summer.

Best of luck.

Wallace Said:

Where should I sit at in Villa Park?

We Answered:

outside and walk around with a nail in ure shoe its more entertaining

Joan Said:

college problem, please read ? im indian and i went abroad to study..i dont drink/party.i try being social?

We Answered:

maybe you could find other people who don't drink. i think that muslims, mormons, and baptists aren't supposed to drink? maybe other people too. but, you could also try to find clubs interest you and make friends that way.

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