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Sponsor International Student

David Said:

Is there any one who would like to sponsor an international student to study in uk?

We Answered:

I believe your best bet would be to think about what qualification you want to achieve, then contact businesses who could benefit from this. They might sponser you with a contract to include they sponser you then you commit to work for them for 3 years. It helps them and you. I don't think however that a random stranger would, and if they did what would they expect in return. Good luck with your studies.

Corey Said:

What paperwork do I have to file in order to sponsor my wife who is an international student.?

We Answered:

Since you are married, you will be filing an adjustment of status (form I-485, $325 fee) (also you will file an affidavit of support, form I-864, $70 fee), which is the path to conditional permanent residency for your wife. It does not matter that your wife is a student or not.

Once she gains conditional permanent residency, she will have legal presence and will automatically have the ability to work.

However, if she wants to work before gaining permanent residency, there is a process to apply for an earlier Employment Authorization Document.

Raul Said:

I want to sponsor a friend who is an international student.?

We Answered:

You need to send them exactly whatever forms they request of you, or you would be denied immediately.

Patricia Said:

How do u find Govt. hospitals in your locality who will sponsor an international student?

We Answered:

I presume you want to go to school at at an American hospital. There are no government hospitals in america, except to provide care to our armed service personnel. All hospitals in USA are Private - you must apply to each depending on the area in which you which to relocate.

Julio Said:

what do i need to present for sponsoring international student ?

We Answered:

For a student visa he'll need to get an approved school to sponsor his visa.

There's nothing you can do.

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