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Student Exchange Programs

Harry Said:

Are there any student exchange programs for over the summer?

We Answered:

Going on exchange is unlike any other experience! How wonderful of you to think about it.

I assume that you are a high school student. If not, my apologies, I can't help you but perhaps someone else can. If you are a high school student, I have so much I would like to write, I hope I don't run out of space.

My biggest piece of advice is to travel with a program listed with the Council for Standards on International Educational Travel ( They routinely audit programs for quality.

I would like to cast a vote for Youth For Understanding (YFU). I am a 5-time host mom and volunteer with YFU (in USA). When I have asked exchange students why they chose YFU, they basically said that YFU gave them more bang for their buck. 95% of the fees collected by YFU go for direct program costs (airline tickets, support in the hosting country, etc.). YFU is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected program in the USA.

I will skip the details of the application process - you can email me for details.

I have listed some websites below. The videos are a little bit outdated, but not bad.

Good luck to you no matter what you choose! If you want to check out YFU some more and live in either Wyoming or Colorado, I can put you in touch with a local representative who will answer questions (no pressure, I promise!).

Brenda Said:

What do you know about student exchange programs?

We Answered:

Check the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students. at There are no criminal checks of host families in foreign countries and until this year, no even in the USA. No, you do not have to swtich. You lose the school year if you are in high school but you get credit if you go in college. It costs money -- $4000 to $10,000 depending on the exchange placement agency. But check out the agency because there is no money back guarantee if you end up in a dirty house or don't get along with the family or can't handle the school curriculum in Spanish. You will lose your money. Check out the agency, who runs it and how much money it makes and save everything you get from the agency. Thank about it. Would you move in with a strange family on the next block? City? State? Going across the world means check out everything first. If you do not have contact with your host family at least a month before you're supposed to leave watch out. go to It doesn't cost any money. Go to advanced search. Then put in the name of the agency and scroll down to the 990s and check out the information. It is great for people who had a good experience but that is not when it counts - what counts is how an agency will handle it when you're in trouble in a foreign country - be careful

Randy Said:

Any good student exchange programs in Australia?

We Answered:

JSS International Institute of Professional Studies, JSS Technical Institutions campus, Mysore, India offers National Diploma (Computing) for 10th pass or equivalent and Higher national Diploma (Computing) for 12th pass or equivalent. These courses are certified by Edexcel, International, one of the main examination board of UK. After HND students can directly join for final year Bachelors degree course in computer science in UK, US , Australia or Singapore(conditions apply). Course duration ND 2 Years and HND 2 years. Method of assessment based on assignment, class test and projects.

Former students of JSSIIPS is pursuing MSc in Computer science in prestigious Oxford University, University of Manchester Etc after their BSc (Hon) Computer studies from UK and US Universities.

for details visit call 918212410255
Admissions are open

Donna Said:

Can Third Culture Kids participate in Student Exchange Programs?

We Answered:

I can't see why your life experience would preclude you from participating (unless they tried to claim you were overqualified maybe). It would depend on the conditions of the actual program. For example if the rotary youth exchange program in the country you are in only sponsors kids from that country, you may need to apply through for the program you are a citizen of.

As to your IB ... that is trickier, it would depend on whether or not your host family were able to place you in a school with an IB. It is also determined by when you do your exchange; a lot of the students we get doing exchanges at my school visit either in year 10 (so 15 -16 yrs old) or the year after their final year of schooling at about 18 years of age and they then enroll in our final year of schooling. In this second case, you'd have finished your IB so it would not matter what system the school you went to was using :).

My recommendation; contact the exchange programs you are interested in and ask them.

Edgar Said:

What are some christian student exchange programs?

We Answered:

I'm not sure how many of them out there are "Christian" per se. I do know you have to be VERY careful of the ones which advertise themselves as such. Many do so to draw students/families into their programs and in the end, turn out to be the worst ones! I would really hesitate to pick an organization based on whether or not they bill themselves as "Christian". And yes, we've known a couple of students from Korea who came to the U.S. with such an organization and it was a nightmare!

You can find a list of the organizations certified to operate in the U.S. at You should NOT use an organization which is not listed there! It has very little, or no, oversight! You should also check with your school counselor for a recommendation. An organization is only as good as the local people that represent it! (BTW: I checked the list and didn't find ICYE!).

For lots of ideas and information on being an exchange student, go to It's written by current and former students and covers everything from the initial idea to returning home!

Good luck!

Lena Said:

What exchange student programs are available?

We Answered:

It is possible to do a summer program that focuses on culture and language. As with longer academic programs, the safest way to go on exchange is with an exchange organization.
YFU (Youth For Understanding), AFS, and Rotary are frequently called "the big 3" when it comes to exchanges - long histories and good reputations, although a few others are making their way up that list. Please forgive my bias towards YFU - it's the one that I have direct experience with (I am a 5-time host mom and volunteer). I am gaining indirect experience by corresponding with former students. When I have asked exchange students why they chose YFU, I get the following answers: (1) YFU gave them more bang for their buck and/or (2) someone they knew and trusted recommended YFU. 95% of the fees collected by YFU go for direct program costs (airline tickets, support in hosting country, etc.). YFU has been around for almost 60 years and has learned how to make exchanges successful.
If you choose another organization, please make sure that it is listed with the Council for Standards on International Educational Travel ( They routinely audit programs for quality. While it is possible that a good organization is not listed with them, it is less likely and I would advise doing more research on anyone that is not listed with them.
YFU has summer programs to 22 countries(… These programs generally last 6-8 weeks. You would stay with a host family and most likely have organized activities with other students.
Check out the websites below and good luck to you no matter what you choose!

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