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Student International Health Insurance

Sherri Said:

international student studying nursing?

We Answered:

I went to nursing school and never had to have personal health coverage. Where are you going to school and what state? Things have changed since I went to school 8 years ago. You could try looking on the internet for health coverage to suit your needs. There are several different options and plans to choose from. Good luck!

Georgia Said:

I have NHS insurance as a student in the UK, but when I go home for a month this summer, will I be insured?

We Answered:

Brits need to buy travel insurance that covers you usually up to a million for medical cover. However as an American citizen I am not sure you would qualify. You'd need to check.

Charlie Said:

My friend tore completely through her earlobe and has no health insurance?

We Answered:

IF it is NOT bleeding
keep the wound clean with a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water
use a sterile gauze dipped in the solution to clean it
make sure you wash your hands before and after you change the bandage
do not touch or let the bandage (the part that will be touching the wound) touch anything
you can purchase some butterfly bandages at the drug store to hold the wound closed

i really suggest she go to the doctor.. the ER will see her even without insurance

Katrina Said:

Health Insurance Claim (Emergency Admission)?

We Answered:

It should be covered since you were in severe pain. You will owe the $350 deductible and 20% to an out of pocket max of $2,000.

Edgar Said:

Does my health insurance pay for vaccinations?

We Answered:

Please check up the terms and conditions included in the insurance policy.In some countries vaccinations are free
in Govt Hospitals

Bruce Said:

Upto how much sum should an international student be insured for a student visa to UK?

We Answered:

Be honest,It is gonna take some time to find the answer for your question.Try to have a look the resource here for reference.

Armando Said:

How to if a Health Insurance provider is genuine?

We Answered:

Don't buy over the internet - use a local agent, and you won't get scammed.

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