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Student International Travel

Terri Said:

If I'm an international student in Canada, do I need a passport to travel within Canada?

We Answered:

Internally within Canada, there should be no need for your passport. There are no travel restrictions for someone who came to Canada to study or visit the country. There are no provincial border guards waiting to inspect your documents. All you would see is a sign at the border between each province saying "You are now leaving XXX" and another that says "Welcome to YYY!"

When you would need your passport is any time you are asked for photo identification. For instance, if your school trip from Ontario to BC will be by plane, then you probably will be required to show identification to pick up the ticket, for airport security, and to board the flight.

Going to a bar or club, renting a car, purchasing cigarettes or alcohol, getting stopped and questioned by the police will all require some form of photo ID. So it is probably best to carry the passport with you, just in case.

Alma Said:

I am an international student and i will travel to Australia, Can i bring along some of my pirated pc games?

We Answered:

I wouldn't since they are illegal and your luggage is checked, you could land yourself in jail or at the very least some kind of legal issue that will cost you in some way.

Carolyn Said:

i am an international student in Malaysia i have Malaysia passport and i want to travel to Philippines?

We Answered:

Well that's a good idea to visit the Philippines in behalf of the hostage crisis.
Some important tips:

Please click the link below as a source:

Hector Said:

I would like to travel to Paris for new years?I am a full time international student in Scotland?

We Answered:

Edimburg has a consulate.
no idea on travel cost: check the web (sorry)

Annette Said:

international student travelling to the USA?

We Answered:

Your passport and a tourist visa. Apply at the US Embassy....easy to get

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Pulau Pari said:

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Thank you ITS connection for sharing about the Student International Travel over here with us. Actually yes passport is indeed required to travel Canada, it really isn't very easy. Nice post share appreciate it.