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Student Loans International

Ruth Said:

Need serious help (not spam) with student loans for International students.?

We Answered:

This is a tricky issue. I was a fin aid counselor for 12 years and haven't really ever seen what I would consider a great loan program for international students. Most of the loan programs I'm aware of would require that you have a cosigner who is either a US citizen or permanent resident. If you have someone who's willing to cosign you'll have better options and should be able to get a better interest rate. Try looking at for a list of possible loan programs. Also, be sure to check with the financial aid office at your prospective university. There might be a university loan program and/or other university-based funding that wouldn't require you to file the FAFSA. Good luck!

Ivan Said:

Does anybody know any "companies" that offer student loans for international students?

We Answered:

Perhaps a bank from the country you or your parents are residents of?

Pedro Said:

Student Loans?

We Answered:

There you go :…

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There are so many students that need this kind of opportunites.

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Student loans are very important for all students especially those of the underdeveloped or developing nations. You are doing a great job providing the right info about it.

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Many students are not financially stable enough and entirely depend on student loans to pay their college and university bills.

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