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Students For International

Natalie Said:

scholarship for international students?

We Answered: is an easy source of scholarships.

Victor Said:

Why does nonresident international students in USA pay social security and Medicare taxes?

We Answered:

that is the america way.
paying for something and get no value.

Daniel Said:

Why is tuition free for international students in Finland universities?

We Answered:

There is no tuition to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Finland. However, fluency in Finnish is required for 99% of these degree programs. Finnish is a very difficult language to learn, and few people living outside of Finland will learn the language just to attend university there.

Finland now charges tuition for non-EU/EEA students in English-speaking Master's programs, so it's actually not free anymore.…

There is a view in the Nordic countries that higher education is a right for everyone, and the results of a highly educated population benefits everyone, which is one reason why several of these countries have provided tuition-free university until now. Foreign students have always been required to show that they have the funds to cover their living costs, and not to be a burden on the social system (health insurance is required, for example). Many students did stay to work in these countries afterward in previous years. However, EU regulations have made this much more difficult. Now international students have to show an investment in Finland (financial or cultural) in order to study.

Ricky Said:

Can Canadian international students travel to the US as tourists? Any visa required?

We Answered:

Your statements are wrong.

U.S. students cannot go to visit Canada without a visa. Only U.S. Green Card holders may do so.

However certain passport holders are visa exempted for a visit to Canada; those are for example citizens of the Hong Kong SAR.

Same as U.S. students cannot go to Canada, Canadian students cannot go to the United States.

Citizens of Hong Kong are not visa waived to the United States; you will need to apply for a B-2 visa to go to the States as a tourist.


Fred Said:

How should international students apply for financial aid?

We Answered:

Look at the word "institutional" that means each school has their own methodology.
You have to contact your FA office.

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