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Students In Uk

Lonnie Said:

How to open credit card account for free service charge for international students in UK?

We Answered:

dont get a credit card! if you can live without one dont bother with them. they screw you in the long run and you'll regret it, especially when it comes to paying it back. and as a student you are going to have limited funds, unless you have rich and willing parents or are gonna work your a s s off to make ends meet.

Or do you plan on getting a credit card, running up a large bill and then disappearing back home when the company cant get to you? cool!

But seriously.....have one hell of a good think before getting one, because you will end up in debt by owning one and you cant wait every few months to make payments back.

Erika Said:

in uk students can work illegaly means after studies they can work 8 to 10 hours .for students weekly is 24 ho?

We Answered:

Not sure that you really WANT the honest answer ?
Greenbean, like me, struggles to understand the question: If it`s illegal, no-one "can" do it, and `cash in hand` raises all sorts of ethical and moral questions. The one question you DO ask is about pay rates; and the honest answer is both "as little as they can get away with (starting at NOTHING)", and well below the minimum legally required. Remember that even proper `casual` labour can and should be properly `paperworked`; unless you`re in to sizable earnings -of more that £130 per week, every week of the year, in which case it ISN`T casual- this won`t cost the employee anything. Understant then that the dodgy employER offering such opportunities is firstly acting illegally himslef - would you then realistically expect `honourable` treatment?
Artform has already given the correct rsponse ("Illegal ? - don`t get involved"), and my only rejoinder is IF YOU DO, YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET.

Nathan Said:

In the UK students educate on highschool with sertain levels. Which levels can you apply for?

We Answered:

It's different:

High School in Holland is similar to "Secondary" or "Comprehensive" School in the UK (England and Wales at least, the Scottish system is somewhat different). Much of secondary school (to age 14) is just general education rather than study on a particular course. What's taught varies from school to school, but follows a national curriculum requiring certain amounts of science, english, maths and so on to be taught.
At ages 14-16 you study for GCSEs or GNVQs:
GCSE is a General Certificate of Secondary Education, and each GCSE is in a subject - most people do 10 or more GCSEs. Some, like english and maths are comulsory.
GCSEs are graded A* to F (in reality only A* to C are worth anything in later life).
GNVQ is a General National Vocational Qualification, and is supposed to be the equivalent of 4 GCSEs. It's "vocational" study which means it's meant to be more a practical education than GCSEs which are generally considered more academic. GNVQs are relatively new and not so well regarded.

After 16, many people continue to study A levels, sometimes at their school, sometimes at a separate college, A levels are a necessary pre-cursor to an academic university education. Usually a student will study 4 half-A levels (AS-levels) and continue 3 of those on to full A-level.
A-levels are devoted to a particular subject - english literature, history, psychology and so on. They are graded A - F, and are the basis for university admissions. 3 As at A level (at least) are required to get into the best universities.
There are also other options availible after 16 - there are vocational qualifications devoted to a particular skill or industry and there are Advanced Extension Awards for students particularly talents in an A level subject - they amount to little more an an extra exam at A level, and are fairly rare.

There used to be a while spread distinction something like your system - students were sent to different schools for secondary education based on the results of an exam at age 11. The Grammar Schools offered a better, more academic education and the "Secondary Moderns" were supposed to teach vocational skills. There are few grammar schools left, and its widely agreed that secondary moderns delivered a very poor education.

Hope you followed all that and found it interesting.

Oscar Said:

is it hard for uk students to be accepted into australian universities? what city best for uk student?

We Answered:

Most Australian universities will compare you to all other applicants for a particular course. So you are competing on a level playing field. It won't be harder for you to enter a university than any other student wanting to enter the same course.

The level of difficulty depends on the course. Medicine, Vet Science and Law are the most difficult to enter.

You then have to have enough money to cover your tuition fees and living costs.

As for what city is best for a UK student, it makes no difference where you come from. It all depends on whether you like the big cities or the smaller towns in the country. Your choice.

Hope this helps.

Agnes Said:

¿How much time do the uk students must wait before enter to college?

We Answered:

Yes. You apply in winter though and it would probably be a conditional offer you got, like they tell you what grades you need to get in summer and if you get them you're in and can start the same year.
edit. Oh and there's always clearing.

Gertrude Said:

Which is the best place for completing MS-Pharmaceutics for Indian students UK or USA ? Give reasons?

We Answered:

UK,...itz good and Salary, high there,.....My cousin is doing it,...

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