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Study Abroad Advisor

Phillip Said:

So, I'm doing study abroad and, well, I can't get a hold of my advisor back home...?

We Answered:

Your transcripts take a while to process, however I don't think that should be a problem concerning your financial aid when you return to take courses on your home campus. Before processing transcripts my college at least just has an automatic 15 passed credits inputted. And only after they are processed through your department head as well as academic advisor are they put in correctly, which can take a few weeks.

Which advisor have you tried to contact? Your normal academic one or your study abroad one? If it's the former, you should be contacting the latter through email as well as calling on the telephone. If you can't get through you should contact the study abroad office's phone number--the person manning the desk should know enough to be able to answer your question.
Since time is passing quickly you just need to try shooting emails and calls to all the contacts you have at your disposal. Other good places to try would be your university's financial aid office.
All the phone numbers and emails should be on the school website somewhere.

Teresa Said:

How to become a study abroad director/advisor?

We Answered:

- Go study abroad!
- BA/MA work in language, culture, psychology, education, public policy
- Teaching/advising experience

Cody Said:

I want to do in India fair business of study abroad to guide about colleges and visa documents. Can any help ?

We Answered:

The things are not as simple as you are trying to project, intentionally or un-intentionally. It is good if you could practice some ethics in your proposed "business of study abroad" guidance.

Make research on internet about such colleges and institutes, strike deals with each of them and by complying provisions of applicable local laws, you may taste the venture for yourself.

If you think of joining with someone else in this business, ensure and satisfy yourself 10 times before you finally go for "doing business combinely".

Peter Said:

Is Japan a good place to study abroad?

We Answered:

Japan is an overall okay country, but it may be harder for somebody who is Blonde. Coming from America, you will be surprised by the amount of discrimination. A lot of people will probably refuse to talk to you (though this tends to be usually the older generation) but the younger people, the ones you will be directly interacting with, will probably be very open to talking to you.

Japan also is a country that is INCREDIBLY focused on education and even with your American education, you might find that there are things that they learned that you did not. For example, I know that doing math and physics and those, they do not use calculators and they will expect you to do the same. While this seems daunting, you'll quickly grow used to it and then when you get back people will think it's really cool.

On the bright side, Japan is a beautiful country and regardless of the season, there are always beautiful celebrations. Since you'd be going during the Spring, you'd be able to see all the Sakura trees (Cherry Blossom Trees).

If you go to Japan, make sure to at least attempt to learn very basic words before you go, as while people there will speak English to you, they'll do it because they assume that you don't speak any Japanese. By learning and being able to speak to them, you will surprise them and they will be more open to you.

You also will learn the language depending on how often you go out, as if you go out and use your Japanese, you will learn quickly but if you stay inside because you can't speak it, then you're only hurting yourself. People will want to practice their English with you (because English is required in every single Japanese school) but if you tell them that you are here to practice and learn Japanese, then they will probably start speaking in Japanese with you.

Overall, Japan is a great country to visit, but you also have to be passionate about it because a lot of the times, Japanese people will hurt your feelings. But don't let this hinder you from going because the things you learn in Japan and from the Japanese people will be invaluable.

Joel Said:

How to write an essay of the adviser company (help the student go abroad study)--like the chinese,japanese?

We Answered:

First you need to start the essay with some background of why the student wants to go abroad to study. Then provide some information on why the student would be beneficial for the college/university. Then write about how the students future will be changed by the experience and qualification from abroad. Then conclude my stating what the student has in terms of existing qualifications and funds.

This site is very useful…
There are some very useful college advisors who can help

Sarah Said:

How well does a study abroad advisor get paid?

We Answered:

It depends on the school, your degrees, and your experience. Check out the Chronicle of Higher Education job postings to see who is looking (though this is not the typical time in the season to be looking in higher ed- usually people stay for the academic year and postings pick up around March-July). Then call or visit the individual school's website to see if there is a posted salary range.
You are likely OK with the 30K minimum guess. And there are LOT of non-monetary perks when working in higher ed.

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