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Study Abroad Application

Dave Said:

i need help on my study abroad application?

We Answered:

If you can't do your own work for your own study abroad application then you're not ready to go abroad.

Paul Said:

Can you get an express passport application to meet a study abroad application?

We Answered:

which country r u from? usually yes. on 4jan2010, pl submit and ask for it.

Irma Said:

study abroad application question?

We Answered:

Just babble about how you can introduce to the foreign students your American culture and how your bubbling personality will better bring the campus together and help everyone around the world sing and hold hands.

Darlene Said:

What should I include in an "Introduction paragraph" for a study abroad application?

We Answered:

Your major, how studying abroad is connected with your major, and what you intend to take away from the experience and how it'll help you grow as not only a student but as a budding adult.

Viola Said:

study abroad application??

We Answered:

How about writing about St Petersburg it beautiful city. It rich in history. How about Cathrine the great. Great Russian ruler of Russia. Giving you few ideas here. Or Romanvos the last royal family of Russia. Another one Russia famous poet Marina Tsvetaeva

Angel Said:

South Africans - I'd like to list S/A as my 2nd choice on my study abroad application but...?

We Answered:

Well, the Western Cape has A Lot less crime than Gauteng. It's also much more scenic and the people more diverse and friendly. I live in Cape Town, Western Cape, and absolutely love it. The only contact I've ever had with crime in my whole life was a couple years back when I got mugged while walking down a very quiet alley... so that was really my own fault!

I also love India but can promise you that SA is a much more advanced country than theirs, so I don't really get how your parents would allow you there and not to here!

Just some words of wisdom: It is near impossible to change a parent's mind concerning the safety of their little girl. They probably won't risk it no matter what you tell them. Maybe you should just honour their wishes and choose somewhere else, even if you know they are wrong. The world is a very big place! What about South America or Tokio or Dubai or China or Scotland?

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