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Study Abroad Asia

Mattie Said:

If I was to study makeup artistry abroad(exp. asia,europe,etc)will I be able to find a job in Canada or US?

We Answered:

This occupation is not licensed or regulated. You will have no more or less trouble finding a job than somebody educated here.

Sylvia Said:

What are good study abroad programs some where in Europe, Australia, or Asia?

We Answered:

It might be easier to pick a program if you first decide what continent you'd like to go to or what subject you'd like to study. There are these three study abroad companies that all have programs in English. You can search for universities that offer those subjects on each website. They are:,, and Good luck!

Jorge Said:

Cheapest East Asia study abroad?

We Answered:

China would definitely be the cheapest, but I would personally go to Taiwan. Taiwan is also very inexpensive, but the nightlife, shopping, and transportation in the cities are simply amazing. I would rank it very closely to that of Tokyo's-- but better because it's less expensive :)

Also, if you are from America, I think it would be less of a culture shock if you headed to Taiwan. The people at schools are very kind and accommodating.

Roland Said:

What colleges on the east coast will allow you to study abroad in asia?

We Answered:

Hi there-

Plenty of colleges on the east coast encourage students to study abroad. Some of the more popular programs are in Asia and Europe. Yale, Columbia, Duke, Hampshire College, NYU, Syracuse, and Boston University are just a few of the colleges that actively send students overseas.

I work for a website that helps students plan their study abroad adventure. Check out . It can help your college search as well. You can check out specific US universities and see which overseas programs they approve. This will give you an idea of what you'll be able to do at your future college. Use the website to find programs, plan your trip, and talk to students who are already abroad- or have returned home. It's a one-stop site for everything you need to know about studying abroad!

Good Luck!

Keith Said:

Is it possible to study abroad in Asia.?

We Answered:

Yes, of course you can study in Asia. But Asia is a large continent spanning from India and going all the way to Japan, so it's hard to recommend any programs for you when you don't mention a country you want.

If you want to study during high school, you must do it through a program. There are many out there, but the most famous ones are YFU, AFS, and Rotary. There is also AYUSA, CIEE, and NACEL Open Door.

Regardless, once you find one you like you apply for it. Typically if they still have the room and you're not a failing student with a criminal record and your family has the money, you will be accepted. The length of the acceptance depends on the program as well as what you want. Typically there are summer, semester, and year-long programs available only. Most programs do not require that you understand the language at all.

You can expect to have your fair share of ups and downs. Especially where you go in most places in Asia, you will not be able to read much, if anything at all. Most of your time out and about will be spent being illiterate, and this will require you to be very dependent on others around you for translation. This will be frustrating and possibly humbling for you, and it will likely not be seen as the best experience from the trip.

Also, be sure to talk to your high school counselor before you apply for a program to make sure that they will accept the credits you take abroad. You don't want to spend a year of your life in a foreign country only to return and find out nothing you took was worth anything and you have to retake an entire year of high school.

Allison Said:

Study Abroad in Asia? for Nursing?

We Answered:

Excellent idea, you should leave soon..

Fernando Said:

Studying abroad in Asia then going back to America to graduate?

We Answered:

Two years is a long time to study abroad.

The educations are not the same in America and in Asia. To be frank, and you will not believe me most likely (as I did not believe it until I went there, and only after thorough convincing), the education in college in East Asia sucks compared to America. Please talk to more people before you make, what I regrettably consider, a wasteful decision.

Asia is not what you heard it was. Their high school and prior education might be awesome, but their college education is really a lot worse. That does not mean they do not foster good students and future workers, or that it is a bad education, these are comparative remarks. Compared to American education, I and everyone I have met who has direct experience with both countries' education find it subpar.

I highly doubt you can come back to america with your credits from asia and have an american university think they are equal. You probably are going to have to start mostly over.

Actually, I guess you will not see the difference even when you go to Asia since you want to go to study in Asia first. You will not know what American university life is like until two years later. So, I guess with regard to you, you will never know the difference until it is too late (2 years later).

You do need to obviously be able to speak the languages. Classes are not taught in english like they are in some places in Europe.

If you want to have a cultural experience, then just travel there sometime. Studying in a country for 2 years just for that reason mostly is much longer than is necessary.

I disagree with the other poster about this kind of study abroad be a 'good chance.' This is a poorly constructed chance in my opinion (feel free to disagree of course). There are many chances to learn about a culture and experience it. Again, two years is a long time to spend in another country thinking that your credits are going to transfer back to america, and further to expect that you can get as good an education (should you be) in those countries.

At least in a country like Japan, with living fees, tuition, and everything else: going to a good school is going to be like going to harvard in regards to total cost. You have to fund your whole way, it is a lot of money for only a decent education.

You also have to think about what it will be like to live there. Your name is asian, but you are American, right? People know that over there, and it is a big difference to them. Never fitting in might sound like not a big deal, but you would be surprised how much it can irk a person after awhile. Every girlfriend you have will be because you are foreign, every friendship you have will be part-time, etc. you can meet other international students to be friends, but good luck communicating with them. I remember when i was in China, in my group of international friends the default language was english, and if we ran into a brick wall we fell back on Chinese, and if that did not work we had to go to French. The friends you make will be fun, but ultimately unsatisfying given the communication gap.

Also you have to know what it is like to live there. You should visit some place *on your own* (not with your parents) to get an idea of what this is like before you make decisions like yours that span years. A good number of people actually cannot handle it.

I probably told you a lot of what you did not want to hear, but bear in mind that I have actually been there. My opinions are not unique, many people have these opinions. It is easy to get wrapped up in the undeserved reputation that the west thinks east asia has with regards to education. This is surprisingly false at the college level. Maybe going there has been a dream of yours for awhile to reconnect, etc. This is not realistic in my opinion. The experience you will get will be very different than the experience you are expecting in all likelihood. The world is different over there (some good, some bad in my opinion), do not expect it to be like America with regards to even civil liberties, anti-racism, etc, because that is just not the case.

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