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Study Abroad College Programs

Johnnie Said:

What do you think of study abroad programs in college? is it worth it?

We Answered:

It is a brilliant idea and more people should do it! First, most people end up having a fabulous time, often one of the best years of their lives, ever. Second, you'll grow in ways and learn things that will be beneficial to you for years to come. If you visit a country where English is not the local language then you'll improve your foreign language skills. Regardless of language, you will learn about another culture and you will meet people you wouldn't come across otherwise. You will learn about a different political system and a different educational system.

Interestingly, you will also learn about your own country as a result of this experience. By being abroad, you will realize what it is that you take for granted at home, things you will appreciate that much more (or will be more critical of) once you return.

The experience is definitely worth it! It's one of the best things a student can do. It is also a very unique time in life when doing it won't disrupt life the way it might later on.

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You will find out about another society and you will meet individuals you wouldn't run over something else. You will find out around an alternate political framework and an alternate instructive framework.

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