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Study Abroad College

Vanessa Said:

Can I study abroad if the college I attend doesn't offer the program?

We Answered:

You can totally study abroad through other universities' programs.

Talk with your advisor or with your study abroad office (your school might just have one even if they do not have a program). There is probably a preexisting relationship with a program (lots of schools partner with NYU and Syracuse(?) and some other school in NY state that I cannot remember).

You may not be able to count all of your credits but it is only a semester or quarter or summer and bare minimum you will get elective credits and possible language credits.

Alberto Said:

is there any programs that would allow me to study abroad(college) in the Ukraine, around Kiev?

We Answered:

May I ask where you live now, so we can better answer your question?

There are several colleges in the Kyiv area. :)

Erin Said:

What majors in College usually let you study abroad?

We Answered:

Definitely languages.

Ruby Said:

when can you study abroad in college?

We Answered:

Typically there are two times when a college does not allow a student to study abroad.
The first time is during the first semester of sophomore year, as schools want to build relationships with the student at his or her home university first. Many schools also do not allow for freshmen at all to go abroad.
The second time is during the last semester of senior year. Because transcripts can take a few weeks just to arrive at the school, and then even longer for them to accept the credits you earned, you won't be able to graduate on time and receive a diploma with the rest of your class. To prevent this, most schools do not allow or at least strongly discourage studying abroad during senior year, especially during the final semester.
Also, different universities abroad have different eligibilities. Some might require you to be a junior. They will also require a certain GPA from you, and that also varies between universities.

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