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Study Abroad Companies

Maurice Said:

Is There a Study Abroad Company Like This?

We Answered:

Yes, there is a company that will let you do that IF certain criteria are met. I am a 5-time host mom and volunteer with YFU. Generally speaking, YFU allows for what is called a "Direct Placement". This is where an incoming exchange student requests a certain family. IF that family (in this case, you) meet the requirements for being a host family (more in a minute) AND the school accepts the student, then the match can be made. What is required of a host family? Well, first, you can't be a direct relative (US State Department requirement) such as mother/child/spouse. Second, you have to provide a place to sleep (can share a room (but not a bed) with a same-sex host sibling), a place to study, and a place to put the student's personal belongings. You also have to provide 3 adequate meals per day (don't have to be fancy but a teenager can not survive on 500 calories per day) which can be food purchased from the store, school lunches, etc. You should also be prepared to help the student find transportation to and from school - generally speaking they are not allowed to drive - but that can be walking (if it's close enough), biking, roller skating, school bus, public bus, rides with friends, etc. Financially speaking, that's pretty muchly it. If the family does something as a family activity (go out to eat, go the movies, etc.), the family is expected to invite and pay for the student. (If the family is going on a big expensive vacation to, for example, Mexico, it's OK to ask the student to pay for airfare if the student goes.)
By going with a company, your friend's natural family can rest easier - someone with the company will be 'watching over' the host family and their little girl. (I don't care how old someone is, parents always see them as their little baby.)
If you would like more information, you can check out the links below. You can also contact me directly:
Good luck to all of you!

Don Said:

Does anyone know of companies which can help sponsor a study abroad trip to England?

We Answered:

British Chevening Scholarships is the funding provided by UK Govt, specifically to study in the UK.

Also, Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship pays upto US$ 2600 to study abroad.
Click on Funding and Scholarship, for the details on 2008 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships.

Tiffany Said:

Can you give me some good , trusted study abroad companies?

We Answered:

AFS is a really good study abroad company, it has a really good support system in a large variety of countries.
Others you could also look into are 'Rotary' or EF

Leonard Said:

Any study abroad companies go to Montengro?

We Answered:

I did a quick search for you and came up with nothing for high school students wanting to study abroad in Montenegro.. What exactly is it that makes you want to study abroad here? Seems rather random.. :)

Anyway, I used the site below. You might find some other high school programs that may interest you.

Lucille Said:

Are there any companies willing to help sponsor my study abroad trip?

We Answered:

doubtful. but u must try. find a company that's humongous. study the product that they r specialising in. eg biomedical engineering.
but much of advancement is in usa and not uk!
if u cant afford uk, try france, germany - its much cheaper and u hv 6mths to immerse in the language

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