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Study Abroad Egypt

Bruce Said:

Would you want to go to egypt on a study abroad trip? or would you rather go to Europe?

We Answered:

I would love to go to Egypt or any Middle Eastern country! I'm sure Europe is awesome too, but I think the Middle East is probably a little more different than the US, and therefore maybe a better experience.

Tom Said:

Should I study abroad in Turkey or Egypt?

We Answered:

Arabic is the one of the most difficult languages in the world,but it is the richest one with its many synonymous and opposites which enables you express your thoughts,ideas and expressions with very different ways but give you the same meanings.It is one of the oldest languages to witness a great civilization that held the new progression forward by being the first seed of modern European civilization .Would you look at this

Becky Said:

Hey, I want to study Arabic abroad. Is there any recommended program in Jordan or Egypt?

We Answered:

Hi there is a program new one in Jordan with a private teacher you can contact her it's a very good one she is recommanded from many embassies in Jordan
her name is Mai Al-ahmad and here is her Email

Claude Said:

Questions about Arabic...Egypt study/teach abroad?

We Answered:

well im Egyptian myself and u got it right every arabian know that the Egyptians arabic are the most understood 4 every one and yea it pretty safe coz most if not all of Egyptians r friendly ,so if i were u defiantly Egypt

as for org and stuff i don't know about that pretty well ! since i already speak arabic !

but from searching 4 u i found that site that was the first one to pop out

hope u have a nice EASY learning ^^

P.S all the arabic is the same its just the acsent < i think u already know ^^

Josephine Said:

Should I study abroad in Cairo, Egypt or Amman, Jordan?

We Answered:

The AUC is better in my opinion. Good luck!

Katherine Said:

what is the best opportunitty for me to study abroad?

We Answered:

Mr. VIP, you need to take certain exams like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc. for admission into any college/ university abroad. The more you score at these tests, the more are your chances of getting admission and scholarships abroad. Secondly, providing the exact documents for the admission process is the most important thing, which we do not usually care about. The rest is easy. Instead of going for the US or UK, try your luck in the Scandinavian countries (Netherlands, Norway, Belgium etc.). They have quota seats for a lot of countries. Best of luck!

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