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Study Abroad English

Lonnie Said:

how hard is it to get accepted to study abroad?

We Answered:


Very hard to get accept, not impossible, but quite hard...

Best wishes

Todd Said:

Should I study English in the higher degree in Thailand or go to study abroad?

We Answered:

In my opinion , study English abroad is the best way to learn but Thai economy didn't support. I think there are alternative ways to study English in higher degree. It's unessential to study English abroad. If i were you i will study english in the higher degree in Thailand. And if you will study English in Thailand. You should study in private university will
be better than study in government university because of private unversity had English program. The other subject that you register will support English program. Most of all the policy of
private university emphasized English teaching whiles govenment university specified English
in elective subject group.

If you have some money enough to study English abroad. Go there! Otherwise study english in Thailand
is the good way too.

Jeffery Said:

Where is the best place to study English abroad? When?

We Answered:

Try the Philippines. It is the third largest speaking country in the world.
Many Koreans come to this country to learn English. They prefer the city of Baguio since it is cold out there. You can also try Manila which is very cosmopolitan.
There are also may Taiwanese and Iranian students who enroll as college students and they speak fluently after 2years and even get a college degree at the same time

Josephine Said:

I wanna study english abroad as f foreign language but I don't have enough money What should I do help me ?.?

We Answered:

Brett Said:

Where can I study abroad in english?

We Answered:

You can pretty much go anywhere. English is the 3rd most spoken language in the world, next to Chinese and Spanish. All you have to do is search for universities where the instruction of classes is in English. South Africa, Morocco, Czech Republic, many countries in Asia all have instruction in English, it just depends on your preferences and major, obviously.

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