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Study Abroad For Free

Nathaniel Said:

Study abroad for free???!!?

We Answered:

I very much doubt that it is free, or everybody who as Italian parents/grandparents would be doing it rather than paying to study in their own country.

Most likely will be a scam if anything, but eh the worst that could happen is you get to spend two weeks in Italy!

Floyd Said:

I have finish studying my masters degree which degree can i study abroad for free.?

We Answered:

You are a liar and a troll. Only 4 minutes ago you posted a 'question' that stated you are a 1st year post-graduate student who doesn't like where you are now and you want to transfer.

You also posted a 'question' 2 weeks ago stating you are a girl from China the same week you post another question implying you are male in Europe. Does that make you a hermaphrodite capable of telekinesis - or a pathological liar?

Glenn Said:

Is there a way to study abroad for free? or for the summer?

We Answered:

I've never come across a study abroad program that was free, unfortunately. There are tons of programs offered in the summer. Get in contact with your university's study abroad office and they should have all the information you need.

Here's a link for you:

Ella Said:

how can i go to study abroad for free?

We Answered:

You will need a scholarship. Check your school's study abroad office. Another way is an exchange. There are many colleges that have exchange agreements with foreign schools. So they "trade" students for a semester or academic year. Basically you pay the tuition and fees you normally would pay to your college and then go to the other college in the other country. There is nothing FREE in life, so you either have to have a scholarship and/or pay what you are already paying.

Kristina Said:

do you know of any way to study abroad for free?

We Answered:

There are so many different aspects that go into Study Abroad opportunities that it is really hard to say what you are eligible for and how much it would cost. The general rule is that it won't be free. Most of the time you can at least expect to pay for your airfare. However, you can get student loans to pay for most expenses and there are some programs that are designed for you to work abroad (thought they are very limited). The best way to keep spending in check would be to look into studying in South Korea, as of 2007, you could not study abroad for cheaper anywhere else. I can tell you that it is a great experience and worth every penny of what I spent, but for the best advise it would be best to talk to a Study Abroad coordinator at your university.

Melissa Said:

hi, I'm Miranda from Georgia. i have question for all, Please advice me, where i can study abroad for free?

We Answered:

Emigrate to Finland in Europe. I recently read that education in Finland is free. From kindergarten to university.

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