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Study Abroad Funding

Suzanne Said:

Study abroad funding question?

We Answered:

try contacting Sallie Mae International - they offer student loans for US students who want to study abroad as well as international students who want to study in the US

Alan Said:

Can I ask my family to donate money so I can study abroad?

We Answered:

not unless you know them well, and maybe you should wait for college until you study abroad..or atleast until your 18.

Corey Said:

How can I get more funding to study abroad in Shanghai next year?

We Answered:

Check it out here. It’s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look.

Gene Said:

Funding for our daughters study abroad?

We Answered:


Roberto Said:

How do you find a way of funding a study abroad trip?

We Answered:

Most programs offer scholarships.
I'm not sure if you've chosen a program yet, but the most reliable/safest are AFS, YFU, ASSE, and Rotary. All of them offer different scholarships. If you're already with a program, you should contact them and ask if they offer any. If they don't fundraising might be the way to go.

Hope all goes well.

Sidney Said:

Funding Study Abroad Trips?

We Answered:

Work as much as possible!
See if you can secure a nanny-ing job on the weekends or something like that.
Most colleges also offer "on campus jobs," so you could work in the bookstore.
Lastly, ask mom and dad for a donation to your trip fund as a Christmas or Hanakauh gift.

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