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Study Abroad Germany

Beth Said:

What are the best places for a student to study abroad at in Germany?

We Answered:

Berlin, Munich, Frankfort all big cities and great places. The awesome part about Germany is that it is actually a relatively small country and you can get almost anywhere (including to different countries) in several hours or less on the train. You are correct there are not too many black people I ran into in country the closest I came to a darker skin tone was the Turks, but it seemed like that being a rarity the locals love black people or at least loved all the black service members I was in the Army with. Also most of the Germans love rap music as well as anything to do with the black culture. I wish you a great trip you will surly enjoy it.

Lonnie Said:

I want to know if anyone knows of any study abroad programs to germany.

We Answered:

Here are a number of high school programs in Germany: browse through them and make inquiries to the programs that are best for you:…

Have a great time in Germany!

Melinda Said:

Study Abroad in Germany?

We Answered:

I studied through the Goethe Institute (all German classes taught in German), but that was back in the 80s, and spent the month of August in Rothenburg OdT studying German. My credits transfered to my university but I had to bring it to the admins attention and get processed myself.

Here's a link that might help you.

Micheal Said:

How does traveling abroad(Germany) work?

We Answered:

First off, are we talking High School or College? Big difference. I'm going to assume college because I'm a little more knowledgeable about that.

Can you study for a year? Yes.

Where do you stay? Depends. You might stay with a host family, if you are going through some kind of exchange program. You might stay in dorms, or an apartment building.

Do you work? No. It's actually illegal for you to work. The European Union is very restrictive, much like the U.S.A., in terms of allowing foreigners to come in and work (they just do a better job of catching illegals). Essentially, an employer would have to prove that you have skills that they can't find in the EU.

Do all of your classes transfer back home? No. Some will, some won't. If you go through a program run by your University, you're more likely to have classes transfer. If you are talking about high schools, some are more open to transferring credits.

If you are in college, ask around about study abroad opportunities. Usually there is some kind of study abroad program / office / counselor (depending upon the size of your school), that can help you and educate you on what opportunities are available. Your school's web site might also have some information. If you are in high school, study abroad programs for high school students tend to be run by private companies. Youth For Understanding is very good. Rotary Club can be good. AYUSA is a good program, but poorly organized, (IMHO - had a student through them). There are some other programs out there, but those are the ones I'm familiar with.

AYUSA does not have a presence in Germany (or Switzerland where we got a student from), but they partner with an exchange company from there. There were students I knew of through AYUSA that came from and went to Germany. I also met a German student from Youth for Understanding. Rotary Club has a big presence in Germany (my uncle is German and a member of Rotrary Club, which is popular in Germany). Some exchange programs will offer you a discount on your fees to study abroad if your family serves as a host family for a foreign student.

Kyle Said:

In YFU, if I study abroad in Germany, will I be placed in Berlin?

We Answered:

YFU has an EXCELLENT reputation!

And you usually get to choose three countries. That's the best you're likely to get.

Remember, Germany is a very large country, and your odds of getting Berlin are dependent upon how many people in Berlin are willing to host you, and how many people are asking to be hosted there.

You're pretty likely to have some sort of excursion to Berlin, though.

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