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Study Abroad In America

Dolores Said:

i want to study in America i'm taking a-levals in history and ancient history what can i do to study abroad?

We Answered:

If you are doing A-Levels and want to study at a university in American then you will need to contact the university first regarding admission of students from the UK. Unlike the UK, US universities do not have a central clearing application center like UCAS. Instead application is made directly to each university and then the university determines if you meet their requirements. Normally as a part of the admission process you will have to take the SAT or ACT test for and possibly TOEFL too, depending on the school's policy. SAT and ACT are admission tests that when considered with your A-Levels and their grades determine if you will be admitted.

Looking at your two A-Levles I do not believe that they would be sufficient for admission unless you scored high on the admission tests. Usually you need a B average to be admitted to US universities and near straight A for Ivy League, top universities. Furthermore because American students study a variety of subjects in high school (ages 14 - 18) and that study continues through the bachelors degree taking two A-levels in a similar field will not prepare you for the rigors of American university education.

My advice is if you are serious about studying in the US you should have 5 A-Levels in maths, a physical science, a social science, English, and either literature or a humanities subject. If you are admitted with you two A-Levels my big concern would be that you will struggle with your degree requirements especially the math and physical science requirement. In addition American universities have grade requirements for you to pass to the next year and not being adequately prepared academically will put you at risk for not meeting those requirements. At this point I would recommend going to a UK university, get at least a 2:1 or full honors, and apply to the US for graduate school.

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