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Study Abroad In Australia

Sheila Said:

Study abroad in Australia or New Zealand?

We Answered:

New Zealand hands down!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry.. Wait no i'm not sorry. Dude nothing beats NZ! Cheers

Melinda Said:

Should I study abroad in Australia or New Zealand?

We Answered:

Hello there. I grew up in Hong Kong and came to Australia for my uni studies when I was 17. Now I end up settling down as a permanent resident in Melbourne.

Yes, Australia is awesome. As far as weather is concerned, it depends on what you like, Queensland and West Australia are very mild, warm, and doesn't change much. Melbourne (Victoria) is famous for its 4 seasons in a day. Like Tuesday it was 36 degrees and yesterday it was raining and we had to put the central heating on the whole night.

Queensland, Sydney (NSW) and Melbourne (Victoria) are probably the most dynamic places. Perth (WA) is quiet, Adelaide(SA) is even quieter...

Melbourne has a lot of good universities, and is famous for its (alternative) arts, music and clubbing scene. We have lots of galleries, exhibitions, as well as local heavy metal gigs and burlesque shows. Melb is always a bit quirky, the way I like it.

Do some research on the web and see what courses offered by which unis interest you the most. If you'd like to know more about Melb, you could gimme an email.

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