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Study Abroad In Egypt

Ruben Said:

Eygptian men, Egypt, and studying abroad!?

We Answered:

Egyptian men marry non Egyptian women .
their family must accept the girl before marriage .
we have nothing against Somalians .
you can study in an Egyptian university if you have high grades .
life in Egypt is very comfortable and pleasant .
dont miss this chance .

good luck

Ruben Said:

i am medical school student in egypt, i wish to continue study abroad ,but in free fees ,i wish any help plzz?

We Answered:

There are very few opportunities to study free anywhere. I would encourage you to complete your degree in Egypt as well as your clinical rotations. When you are ready, apply for a permanent resident visa in Australia. We have a shortage of doctors here. You can then take up further studies in Australia.

Hope this helps.

Hilda Said:

what major would a person need to study ancient egypt?

We Answered:

I love it - egyptology.

YOu must first study Egyptology. You can go to the best school - University of Chicago. Then you can get an MA in Egyptology and a PHD in Egyptology as well. Some have program in near eastern studies with emphasis in egyptology. But you want a degree program in Egyptology. Some Egyptologist also have another masters degree in anthropology, or history, or a language, or in art history.

Keep in mind these programs are tough. You need to have a excellent command of French, German, Ancient Egyptian, Hittite, Arabic. Then you have to learn to read Hierogliphics.

Schools to look at NYU, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, Brown University, Univesity of Chicago, and University of Toronto.

Get the degree in Egyptology. I wish I could pursue this degree, but I live in Texas so far away from all the good programs.

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But you would like a course of study in Egyptology. Some archeologist even have another masters degree in social science, or history, or a language, or in arts.

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