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Study Abroad In England

Samuel Said:

I can't decide whether to study abroad in England or Italy. Any insight is MUCH appreciated!?

We Answered:

Well, England would be easier because there isn't a language barrier, however, Italy is absolutely gorgeous. I spent two weeks there my sophomore year in high school. I've been wanting to go back for three years now.

Regina Said:

Where in England is the best Place to study abroad?

We Answered:


England is a great place to live and study and you have some great cities to choose from there. Here a little bit about each place to help with your decision.

Frankly the best city in the world! I love the place; we have a buzzy night life- pubs, bars, clubs of every type, phenomenal restaurant culture with fantastic food from all over the world and wonderful museums and art galleries. Add to that a *brilliant* music scene, theatre and great parks and you have a fab place to study. Here are the downsides; Living in London is expensive. (Really expensive - accommodation here is likely to cost about 50% more than anywhere else on your list except maybe Brighton) Also there are five airports as well as a train link to continental Europe. Your European travel could become a habit.

My flatmate went to uni there and loved it. It is by all accounts a great city for student life. It's by the sea (the North sea - v. cold you probably will not want to swim in it.) It has a huge aquarium. It's in Yorkshire which is great. Downsides? It will be cold and wet in the winter, but then most of England is cold and wet in the winter. And there is only one airport close by but you can fly cheaply to Europe from it and they are adding destinations all the time.

Another *great* student city - night life, music etc. Also in Yorkshire, I love Leeds and the surrounding area. One airport again but great trains to London or Edinburgh.

The good people of Leicester are not going to thank me. But for me, here would be bottom of the list you have given. Nothing much happens and it smells of pies.

Another great student city. Music scene here is almost as good as London and night life is great. Cheaper too. Also a couple of airports near by.

On the south coast. You can easily get to London and all it's facilities, Brighton is fun and buzzy but smaller than the capital so may feel more personal. It is unfortunately almost as expensive here as London.

The main thing is you will have fun wherever you go. And when you travel don't forget the rest of the UK. It is a beautiful country.

Rick Said:

Has anyone gone to study abroad in England?

We Answered:

Go and visit the study abroad office at your college or ask your dean. They should have information for you to look through. Some programs have preset programs to different countries (like England) that they prefer you go on, others simply tell you to look around all the different study abroad websites and find one you like and let them know.

I studied abroad at Oxford a few years ago. Their education system, and Cambridge's, is quite different from the US' system because they have tutorials rather than lectures. Not all English universities are like that though.

Sam Said:

Is anyone going to study abroad in England this coming fall?

We Answered:

well its not exactly "abroad" for me since I have dual citizenship (English and American) and I grew up there but I might be going back this fall

English colleges are more spesific than American ones, if you choose say an "Animal Care" degree you will just be studying animal care and related subjects, they won't make you take classes in unrealted subjects as is usual in an American college, although they do have short lessons in "key skills" (english, maths, etc) if you need a little brush up in those areas, a lot of colleges also have (and sometimes make you take) some kind of "enrichment" course, those tend to be pretty short, once a week kind of things and can be anything from learning how to drive to sign language

Remember English Highschool finishes at 16 so don't be suprised if you see 16-17 year olds everywhere, or if they make up half or more of your class mates

And you may as well also know drinking at weekends and going out (even nipping to the pub for a pint at lunch time if theres one close enough) is pretty much a standard part of college life (even some of the 16-17 year olds, the legal drinking age is 18) some colleges even have bars especially for the student,) although obviously you shouldn't be showing up for class drunk!

if you have any other questions (like what the certificate/dregrees mean or are like) then just send me a line I'll be happy to help if I can

Edward Said:

What should I pack for a Study Abroad in England?

We Answered:

Staying in London, you should expect the weather to be below freezing for much of Jan Feb, and going into Mar, Apr to May will normally see an improvement in the overall temp & weather, but can still be cooler. You'll need a good heavy coat for Jan-Mar, then a lighter fleece/jacket for Apr-May, waterproofs too if you are going to be outside for long periods (waiting for public transport, etc.. ) and good thick socks and boots for the Jan-Mar period.

Jonathan Said:

Wales or England? Study Abroad Urgent Help :(?

We Answered:

Really don't know what your compaining about I'd choose Wales over England in a heart beat!! Wales is a lot more rural but if your going to Cardiff its an amazing city and so close to Bath which is my favourite city in England.

There really isn't a huge difference between the two countries.

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