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Study Abroad In Germany

Paul Said:

Study Abroad?

We Answered:

Your sources depend on whether you are on the high school, university, or graduate level.

The following, three sites are good:

Most websites are for studying German. If you want to study another subject in Germany, you must take a proficiency test to prove that you are fluent in German.

Tracy Said:

Is this a bad time to study abroad in Germany?

We Answered:

I don't see how this would influence your studies. I even think the recession is good for students, especially those who have some craftman's skills, like wallpapering and painting. That's what I partly did to finance my studies (except from being a barkeeper and DJ), because you can work without reporting to the financial authorities. (Yes, I know it's illegal; but who cares?) And the deeper we are in a recession, the easier it gets to find jobs that are not officially registered. You might even be able to profit from the recession, and as to the overall standard of living here in Germany, I can't see any signs of an economic downturn. I mean, okay, the prices for electricity and gas are through the roof, but prices for food and accomodation are reasonable; and start skipping the gas. When I was a student, I had a bicycle, and a ticket for the public transport system in town (was Berlin, actually), and that's good enough. You can rent a car if you really need one. With all my jobs, I earned around 1,000 euros a month on average, and that's fine enough for a student.

Manuel Said:

I want to study abroad in Germany?

We Answered:

I suggest you look through these websites,,8010,00.htm……

I would recommend gottingen, bochum and uni of bonn but where you go is entirely up to you.

Mabel Said:

Does anyone know of a good study abroad program?

We Answered:

I don't know much about study abroad in Germany but I studied abroad in Australia in 2008 and the company I went with was a great help. I went with a company called AustraLearn. They provided me with a step by step process of when things needed to be completed. They also provide a week orientation period with other US students that are going abroad with you.

They also have a website for Europe:

I am returning to Australia next year and the paperwork, plane tickets, visa, money transfer is a hastle. When I originally went with AustraLearn they took care of all of that. All you had to do was sign a few papers and mail in all of your transcripts in time and they take care of the rest.

They have a few options in Germany and more in Europe as a whole.

Randall Said:

Study abroad in Germany.?

We Answered:

My German teacher studied in Germany. I'm not sure how much it would cost but i'm pretty sure it's expensive like you said. It's expensive even to visit Germany. But if you want to learn German, maybe you can take German classes if they have them or there's this little book at Borders where they have like the whole entire German language on like 5 pages. It costs about $5.

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