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Study Abroad In Japan

Leonard Said:

How can I get an exchange or study abroad to Japan?

We Answered:

You can apply through many exchange programs for a high school year. Go to for a list of those which are certified to operate in the US.
Lucky for you, there are also scholarship opportunities for Japan with many of them!
Generally, for Asian countries there is no language requirement, but some may require a specific GPA, usually around 2.5 or so.
Good luck!

Seth Said:

What study abroad destination might be a good fit for me?

We Answered:

what is your real interest? i can help you get admission in medical college at nepal . interested?

Wendy Said:

If I study abroad in Japan in high school could I stay in a dorm?

We Answered:

with this program you stay in a dorm in the summer…

and here is a list of some other high school study abroad programs in japan…

i've noticed when you stay longer you usually stay with a host family but when you go for a few weeks or in the summer you stay in a dorm

Heather Said:

How do I study abroad in Japan?

We Answered:

The safest and (in my humble opinion) best way to go to Japan to study in high school is with an exchange organization. YFU (Youth For Understanding), AFS, and Rotary are frequently called "the big 3" when it comes to exchanges - long histories and good reputations, although a few others are making their way up that list. Please forgive my bias towards YFU - it's the one that I have direct experience with (I am a 5-time host mom and volunteer). I am gaining indirect experience by corresponding with former students. When I have asked exchange students why they chose YFU, I get the following answers: (1) YFU gave them more bang for their buck and/or (2) someone they knew and trusted recommended YFU. 95% of the fees collected by YFU go for direct program costs (airline tickets, support in hosting country, etc.). YFU has been around for almost 60 years and has learned how to make exchanges successful.
If you choose another organization, please make sure that it is listed with the Council for Standards on International Educational Travel ( They routinely audit programs for quality. While it is possible that a good organization is not listed with them, it is less likely and I would advise doing more research on anyone that is not listed with them.
YFU does have summer, semester, and year programs to Japan. In a typical year, hundreds of American students go to Japan with YFU.
Unfortunately, I can not give you any personal experience information about going to Japan, but if you use the alumni referral link below, you can contact students who have gone.
I do have a friend whose daughter went to Japan for 6wks a few summers ago and really enjoyed it.
I've also put a link below for ideas on raising money. Don't forget that you can apply for a scholarship.
Check out the links below. Good luck to you no matter what you choose!

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