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Study Abroad In Spain

Raul Said:

Anyone know any websites that will help me study abroad in spain?

We Answered:


Yes, the has programs in Spain in a bunch of locations. Where are you interested in studying? I studied in Malaga, Madrid, and Barcelona myself.

Tara Said:

If you were to study abroad in Spain, which city from the listed would u stay in?

We Answered:

I've lived in Bareclona, Sevilla and Malaga and know Cadiz well. Of those, I would without any doubt at all go to Barcelona. It's the most amazing city, it has something for everyone, its sense of culture is very strong and it has a beach! The student life there is wonderful as well.

Although it's true to say that Catalan is the first language in Barcelona now, everyone is bilingual and speaks Castillian Spanish as well. All the signposts etc are in both languages. Catalan is an interesting language in itself anyway. Learning a few words would do you no harm.

Sevilla would be my second choice. The Spanish spoken there is Castillian but very heavily accented - when I had lived there people from other parts of Spain had trouble understanding me!

Malaga is way too touristy for my liking. Cadiz is lovely but the nightlife there isn't great.

Of the four, the nightlife and general culture for young people is definitely best in Barcelona. Sevilla I would recommend more for people who want culture but not so much 'buzz'.

Enjoy your time in Spain. I remember my time there as one of the happiest of my life.

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