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Bernice Said:

Can i study abroad if i have too many backlogs and year back in Bacheolor Degree?

We Answered:

not a good university

Gabriel Said:

want to study abroad!!!! plzz tell mea good course after BTech in Electrical&Electronics!!!?

We Answered:

check out It is in mumbai and pune provides all information on study abroad, career counselling, entrance exams preparation like GRE, CAT, CET, GMAT, XAT, SAT, IELTS.
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Priscilla Said:

STUDY ABROAD????????????????????/?

We Answered:

GPA is one criteria, however the most important criteria in MBA is your work experience, your community involvement and your leadership!!!

You need to work in student clubs, try to have leadership positions, maybe president of some group or something.

You need to start networking to secure a good job after graduation because this is very important and most good MBAs require at least two years of work experience before you start.

Good luck.

Judy Said:


We Answered:

if you are double or triple majoring, you have your work cut out for you.

unless one of your majors is french, then studying abroad in france would be okay. but it is not, then you may have to stay another year or two at your university/college to complete the requirements for your majors.

there are definitely courses that you could take while abroad to fulfill your major requirements.
go to the language department to talk to an advisor and ask questions.
you could also ask your academic advisor, but the advisor for studying abroad would probably know more info.

you may also want to consider double majoring and then changing the their major to a minor :]

happy travels

Peter Said:

Study Abroad?

We Answered:

go to France and England

Sheila Said:

Study abroad?

We Answered:

I think your best bet is to look online at maybe the universities in Brazil, some of the larger ones may have some sort of martial arts programs like bigger universities in the US do, then you can do like a direct exchange program.

If you go through a place like ISA or USAC, the majoritiy of the programs you will find will be Portugese language intensive programs.

It's possible to do a study abroad program, take like 2 classes and in your free time work on martial arts. I don't know if you're trying to get college credit for this or not, but if not, my suggestion is to find a martial arts place in Brazil you like, email the people who run it and explain your situation and they could most likely help you find a job and a place to live, opr suggest some places.

You can always try and look for stuff in Brazil, whether it be an apartment, job, or even a martial arts place.

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