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Study Abroad Ireland

Janet Said:

Study Abroad in Ireland?

We Answered:

Waterford Institute of Technology. There is no University in Waterford.
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Melanie Said:

Is a ireland a good place to study abroad?

We Answered:

I think that Ireland would be a great place to study abroad, I have been to Dublin and I enjoyed it very much, it has a small town feel and everyone there was very friendly and kind.

I personally think that Europe is a great place to study abroad because there is so much opportunity for travel. I studied in London for 4 months and during that time I took many weekend trips, probably to about 10 other countries in Europe overall. Travel within Europe is pretty cheap ($60 round trip flights are VERY easy to find) . I have a friend currently studying in Australia and although she loves it she is bummed that it is really really expensive to travel to near-by places such as New Zealand.

I think that all of your options look great (i know people who have done time abroad in almost all of those places) and to be honest whatever you choose you will have the time of your life, you just need to decide if you want to be able to travel while you are there. My personal first choices (from your list) would be Greece, Spain, Ireland, and then Australia (although I 100% recommend London!) Good Luck and don't stress too much over deciding where to go!

Rose Said:

I'm American. Should I go to a college in Ireland, or just study abroad?

We Answered:

do both. you're young...enjoy the world.

Sergio Said:

Where to study abroad in Ireland?

We Answered:

Defo go to UCD (University College Dublin) or TCD (Trinity College Dublin)
Both are in Dublin...

The night life in both Universities are really good. There's always something happening in UCD and there's a great laid-back attitude about the place.
TCD is right in the city centre (which is a plus) but I have lots of friends there and the temptation to ditch lectures and go shopping is quite strong!
UCD isnt in the city centre. But its only a 15 min bus ride away and its kind of in a world of its own. LOTS of clubs and societies to join as well as restaurants/shops/bars and sporting facilities.

You should find out a bit more about what each Uni offers in relation to what you want to study. I honestly don't think you'd be disappointed with either choice.
Im just finished first year of UCD and I met lots of foreign students who just loved it here.
Both TCD and UCD are top notch Universities though. You'll have a great experience!

For god's sake Orla...are you a student?
I get pretty good grades in college.
And I go out a lot. Most people do.
Its not all work and no play. You just have to be willing to play both sides.

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