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Study Abroad Italy

Ronald Said:

Do you prefer Italy or france for study abroad?

We Answered:

Italy is much better.

Dolores Said:

Study Abroad- Italy or Germany?

We Answered:

I have had the opportunity to go to both countries and they are both beautiful. For study abroad, I would probably choose Italy. I do not speak either German or Italian, but it would be easier to speak English in Italy rather than Germany. Germans are very proud of their heritage, and you would have to learn German (and quickly). Italians are easy going and a lot of them use English. You would be able to pick up both languages though, since you would be around them constantly. Either place would be an amazing experience, but I would definitely choose Italia. :)

Ruth Said:

Is it possible to study abroad in italy RIGHT OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL?

We Answered:

I think your best option is to sign up with a student exchange company for high school students but let them know that you just want to take language classes and maybe something else you are interested in. You need to go with a company because of the visa. If you go on your own you will only be able to be there for 3 months.

A good site to go to is

Good Luck!

Marjorie Said:

High School Study Abroad- Italy or Germany?

We Answered:

Do you speak any Italian or German? If so, I would go with whichever one you know better or whichever one interests you most, because speaking the language really helps to understand and better appreciate the local culture, which will help you fit in and generally make the most of your stay. In general young Germans speak better English than young Italians, but Italian is perceived as an "easier" language to learn.

Also weigh up which factors are most important to you: if you come from a hot place and don't fancy too cold a winter, choose Italy, for example. Do as much research as possible on both countries and just see which appeals to you most. Go with your instinct. Both are great places, so you shouldn't have any regrets, no matter what your choice. Good luck!

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