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Study Abroad London

Melinda Said:

I am a British Citizen from Ireland how can I study abroad in London?

We Answered:

You should ask this question in the education section for detailed info on the admission requirements. The leaving cert is the equivalent of A levels in the Uk and is recognised by UK institutions.

From an immigration point of view, you will have no problems as home and EU citizens are treated the same. As long as you have been resident in the UK for the past three years, you qualify to be treated as a home student i.e. you do not have to pay international fees.

If you had been resident outside the EU, you would have to pay international fees (even as a British citizen) as you must be resident in the UK for three years prior to the start date of your course to be eligible for home fees.

EDIT Sorry I meant to say as long as you have been resident in the EU for three years.

Roberta Said:

i want ti study abroad in london please help?

We Answered:

Besides applying to a London university and having a valid passport, once you get in, you have to get your visa and entry clearance before you leave, otherwise you will be sent home. You also have to show that you have enough funds to support yourself for the duration of your stay in the UK. You do this at the British Consulate in your country. If you don't have enough funds, this will also not grant you a visa. If you want to use scholarships to pay for your course (class), you have to apply for these a year in advance.

There is a lot more you have to do even before stepping onto that plane. If you have adobe reader, you can view the Guide to Studying and Living in the UK, which has more than what you need to know:…

Leslie Said:

what should you pack when getting ready to study abroad in London in spring?

We Answered:

ive study abroad before and some of the things i learned to remember are:

outlet converter (i bought one that had several options in case you explore more countries)
money on credit and in cash
addresses of those back home
map of where i was living so i could start researching
and one of those books about the country you can get at a travel store. i learned about that the hard way; being stranded in monterrey mexico not knowing where anything was. those are definitely nice.

have a safe trip!

Anita Said:


We Answered:


This website really nice, please check it;…

Dana Said:

Is it worth it to go to STUDY ABROAD (LONDON) in Freshman year? ASAP!!!?

We Answered:

I had the opportunity to go abroad fresh. year and turned it down, and honestly? I don't regret it a bit. There are plenty more semesters to spend abroad (summer included!) and I think I would have missed out on some integral part of uni if I'd not gone to the US campus first. I made lasting friends here, am now familiar with the campus/protocols, etc. Your first year is all about adjusting, so if you decide to go overseas, once you come back you'll essentially be a "freshman" again as far as experience goes.
You could always study abroad in a later semester!! Good luck with whatever you choose to do :)

Cynthia Said:

Study Abroad-London vs. Rome?

We Answered:

London is dangerous. Rome is not that dangerous.
Rome has more history, it was the capital of the Ancient Roman Empire. It's the home of all art. Though, Italian is harder than english and Italians aren't really nice people. If you are American, I would say, go for London, you will meet new people there and English Theater is also nice.

Glen Said:

What do you think about study abroad in London?

We Answered:

it will be expensive. London is like one of the top 5 most expensive city in the world.

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