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Study Abroad Middle East

Gwendolyn Said:

why should i study abroad?

We Answered:

Studying abroad is not as simple as, say, sleeping-over a friend's house for the weekend. Studying abroad means adjusting to a different way of life. The best way to do that is to immerse yourself with the local culture. Learn about it through the language, the everyday way of life, what they eat, and even how they dress.
Now you might experience a bit of culture shock and bouts of homesickness (unless you're a seasoned traveler, but even seasoned travelers get homesick). That's part of it. Keep pictures around and stay in touch with family and friends. But the best way to battle homesickness is to simply make new friends. Remember, you're not the only one studying abroad. Others in your school will most probably be experiencing the same thing as you.

Marion Said:

How many study abroad students have been killed in the Middle East in the past 3 years?

We Answered:

I'm not sure, but safety in the number one priority to the programs sending students abroad. They are constantly alerted to situations that might make them rethink if they should send students. Things like that do happen however, you never know when something bad could happen, whether they are killed in an attack or if it's natural, like an earthquake. . Sorry I can't really answer your questions on specifics numbers. .

Wallace Said:

my sister is going to study abroad for 3 months in the middle east what should i give her in a carepackage?

We Answered:

Sending a care package is a great opportunity to send your sister those little things that she may have taken for granted at home. Think of items she may not be able to get where she is in the middle east like a certain type of snack, a bottle of her favorite drink or bottled water, a DVD or CD, and don't forget a picture and something to remind her of home.

Dustin Said:

Should my emphasis be in Asia or Middle East?

We Answered:

This answer is based on your being or becoming a United States citizen.

All of what is usually considered the Middle East, except Egypt, is in Asia. For your career goals, I suggest an undergraduate major in Arabic and a minor in international relations. Diplomacy is an extremely competitive field as the only employers are national governments, the UN, and NGOs. (I have excluded economic organizations for which university study in economics is required.) Your language skills should be expanded as quickly as possible. International relations should be studied intensively in graduate school, and anthropology is not very useful in this field as it is concerned with groups of people which are not nation-states.

I anticipate that bilingual bicultural native speakers of East Asian languages will proportionately be filling more US State Department positions in six years when you will be applying for a job, than will similar speakers of Arabic, so learning Arabic will be more advantageous than learning Chinese, for example. You need a major, not a minor, in Arabic to have a reasonable chance to learn it sufficiently well.

Tracy Said:

Anyone living in the Middle East from America?

We Answered:

Arabic is not an easy language,I think u will learn how to speak more than writing.Here is some websites

Valerie Said:

Want to study abroad in Middle East what would be the best place to go?

We Answered:

Sure, go to Saudi Arabia if you want to be treated worse than an animal and disappear behind a burkha for the rest of your stay.

UAE is good, so is Egypt. In fact, Egypt is a wonderfully rich and diverse country and many people that visit fall in love with it.

Hope this helps.

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