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Study Abroad Paris

Leon Said:

Should I study abroad in Paris or Buenos Aires?

We Answered:

Hi there Bob,

You have chosen two fantastic cities to compare and I believe that you will be happy either way. I would first do some more research about each city and see if you are swaying either way. There are likely programs that will let you take classes for your major in both locations, as they are popular study abroad destinations. Check with your study abroad office on campus to see if they have any programs to suggest where students can easily receive credit.

You can find some more information about BA and Paris here:……

I'd be happy to help answer any specific questions.

Best of luck!

Melanie Said:

Study abroad in Paris or Brussels?

We Answered:

Congrats on deciding to study abroad! I lived in Paris for a semester and discovered something new everyday. During my trip I spent a weekend in Brussels, I enjoyed it, but I don't know that I would want to spend an entire semester or year living there. Paris is fun once you get past all the touristy sights and actually taste local cuisine, walk aimlessly, visit jazz clubs, read a book under the Eiffel Tower, take in the sights on top of Notre Dame Cathedral, or visit the Palace of Versailles. Local stores carry these "treasure hunt" books, which provide little known facts about Paris- and it's fun to find some of those less traveled spots. The food is damn good. By all means, hop on the high speed train and visit Belgium for a weekend. You can also hit up Amsterdam, southern France, Normandy... Paris has easy access to most of Europe and provides countless opportunities to entertain yourself.

I work for a new study abroad/ travel website that helps students go abroad. It's called Gulliver ( You already have your college/program picked out, but visit our "Prepare to Go" ( section for tips on funding, travel, internet, cell phone service, insurance, and other tid bits. If you need any help funding we're giving away $500 for study abroad. Check it out here (

Good luck and happy travels!

Dawn Said:

I want to study abroad in Paris France?

We Answered:

Will Paris be fun? This shouldn't even be a question! You can find tons of things to do in Paris, regardless of what you are interested in. You can enjoy architecture, artwork at some of the most famous museums in the world, religion & symbolism, history, clubbing, drinking and cuisine, and more. Add to that the landmarks, and you'll see that you can't be bored in Paris.

As for living with strangers, there are a couple things I'd like to point out. If you're there for awhile, you're not really with strangers anymore. You'll get to know the people you are with and will hopefully enjoy their company (and their first-hand knowledge on the city you're living in).

As far as going out, that depends on the how you're going to France. Are you going with a group? With your school? On your own? Are you in high school? College? All of these factors could potentially effect how much free time you'll have. If you're over 18 and in college, then there should be nothing stopping you from going out and enjoying Paris.

You'll want to be respectful of the people you're living with, though. Be quiet when leaving and coming home. If you have someone over, you should let your family know ahead of time, or make sure to introduce them. They'll be cool if you have a school friend over, but don't bring home someone from the bar! A French person's home is somewhat sacred.

Depending on the age of the person you're with, you may actually have a lot to do with them. My mom and dad love film and art, and so they always invite their host students to movies and museums, for example.

Courtney Said:

i want to study abroad in paris but i've never taken any french!!?

We Answered:

I married a Frenchman and arrived with no French language skills. I signed up at the Alliance Française and took 3 months of intensive lessons to get me started. There are tons of French people offering inexpensive private lessons on craigslist as well. Plus, you can go look at the Paris site and join some English-French cocktail party clubs for conversational French.

There are also several schools in Paris that teach in English. The American University of Paris' classes are taught exclusively in English and the Sorbonne has limited offerings in English, Parsons Paris School of Art and Design teaches only in English, as well as about 5 business schools that teach only in English. You can look the name of those up on the web by googling "business school paris france".

In the meantime, you really must make a committment to start learning French as soon as possible, if you really want to come and study here. The other posters are right about how the French feel if you poo-poo learning their language and just show up expecting everyone to speak English. I think they see that as being a bad guest. So, why don't you at least go through the tutorial over at the French Language site at It's actually pretty good. And it's free. If you want to get real serious, invest in Rosetta Stone's French language DVD set. It's expensive but very good.

Good luck and hope you find a way to study in the most beautiful city in the world!

Theresa Said:

Should I get a second loan to study abroad in Paris?

We Answered:

I would say go for it! Your first loan isn't for that much and the job prospects for nursing are amazing! Considering that you might minor in French, this could take you a long way towards actually mastering the language. The one thing I would do is apply for scholarships. Try to make the loan for as little as possible by working a few extra hours at your job or selling items on Ebay. However, the deal you have is too good to pass up! $2800 for both plane tickets, accomodation, meals, and some excursions is great! You'll never get a chance like this again for that kind of price! Have Fun!!!!!

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