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Study Abroad Programs

Sheila Said:

What are some colleges with the best study abroad programs?

We Answered:

Try these links:

Tyrone Said:

Where are some good resources for study abroad programs and funding?

We Answered:

Well, there are many resources to find study abroad programs in the region that interest you. The Internet is your best source of information if you have time. Most universities also have a dedicated office to study abroad programs. The problem is that these counselors are biased. There are also counselors that are independent like myself who specialize in one geographic areas or one subject. There is a fee to their service but usually that service will be very helpful to find the right program for your or to jump start your research in the right direction. Unfortunately Ireland is not my area of concentration so I can't help you much there. However study and google can be of a great help.
Remember funding is available through your student loans and it is usually easier to get through your school. There are also scholarships but those are very limited. Spain and France are my areas and I usually suggest to my students to go SOLO with no middle man (STudy abroad programs and university sponsored programs). It is usually much cheaper for the same program and I strongly believe that you can pay for it from you summer job ( a six weeks in Spain can cost you around 2000 including flight food and stay while in most programs you have to pay 3500 just in tution).
Good luck in your research, and contact me if you need help.

Marsha Said:

Can someone provide a list of study abroad programs, or suggest study abroad programs in France?

We Answered:

Paris of course has many good schools for politics, but you can also find very good schools in most large cities such as Toulouse, Lyon, Lille, etc. Most are called something along the lines of Sciences Po for Political Science.

If you want the "real" experience, and truly learn and master French, I think your best bet would be to dive head-first into the deepend. You can apply directly to French universities and complete the entire program just like a French person would. An undergrad degree is called a licence and lasts 3 years, then a Masters is 2 years.

France has a great site for their university/education programs for foreigners called Campus France. You will be able to find information on all the universities, programs, majors, and application forms for all of France here. Also, you entire application/acceptance process will go thru them as well. They show you everything you need and you build you file with them. Then you get accepted to the school, get your visa, and start school!

If you plan on starting this fall 2010, you should really hurry because I think the deadlines are very close, but it might vary for each program. You will be able to find all of the information thru the site.

Good luck!

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