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Melvin Said:

What would be a good country to study abroad in for a computer science major?

We Answered:

I think that's a nice idea. There's tons of business going on Between England and America. Australia sounds nice too but I'd bet on England.

Perry Said:

I am an American student, and I have been offered an opportunity to study abroad in Turkey. Advice/Resources?

We Answered:

You must go! I studied abroad in Turkey in Istanbul at Bogazici University. I would recommend studying abroad in Istanbul rather than Ankara if you can; there is much more to see in Istanbul, and while Ankara is beautiful, its not as exciting. Istanbul has a lot of history, a great nightlife, and tons to do. Istanbul is a coastal city, while Ankara is an inland city.

You must visit the beaches, see the Blue Mosque and all of the traditional sights, visit the Grand Bazaar, Sultanachmet Square (this is where a lot of the historical sights are), and Bursa, the third largest city in Turkey. Bursa is the home to Iskender, a traditional Turkish meal that is absolutely delicious. Be sure to learn about Islamic culture while you're there. Also, remember that some Turkish people are anti-American. Overall though, Turkish people are exceptionally friendly (more so than Americans) and helpful. Also, unlike many other European cities, most Turkish do not speak English, so be sure to learn some Turkish if you do not all ready know it. The good thing about going to a university is that many Turkish students speak English and can help you.

If you do go to school in Ankara, be sure to visit Bogazici University in Istanbul! It is one of the most prestigious schools in all of Turkey and is absolutely beautiful! The top of the campus as gorgeous views of the river!

Take a chance! Studying abroad will make you a more well rounded person.

Carrie Said:

When applying for a G.A.O. internship, will a study abroad program look good on my resume for the internship?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Brandy Said:

How can i study abroad at a cheaper cost? Does any one know what can i do?Help me please?

We Answered:

See if your school has a direct exchange program. It's the same as study abroad but you pay exactly what you would be paying at the school your attending now.

Jill Said:

is there a way for Adults to study abroad?

We Answered:

there's no age limit when it comes to studies. I studied abroad and there was a 38 yr old in the program studying for her masters.

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