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Study Abroad Scotland

Rosa Said:

Advice for an American going to study abroad in Scotland?

We Answered:

1. Yes. Like the curate's egg, it is good in parts. University life is EXCELLENT!

2. Only if you talk too loudly when drunk. (or sober)

3. No. Statistics show that the chance of a foreigner getting knifed or even beaten up are almost nil. It just does not happen in Glasgow. They only fight amongst themselves.

There are some grim areas in and around Glasgow. You will be told in no uncertain terms where they are. Don't worry. Not only will get have a great time, you should get a great qualification and a job at the end of it all.

Have a great time!

Ryan Said:

Scotland study abroad advice?

We Answered:

Well first off all congratulations on getting to study abroad it's something that I myself would love to do at some point.

I live in Scotland so can tell you a little about expectations etc from my point of view if it will help. It obviously depends on where you are studying I imagine maybe Glasgow or Edinburgh or somewhere like that because those are the commonly quite good places to study in.

I would say the most obvious differences will be the weather. Very cold here in the winter and not particularly sunny in the summer. Again dependent on where you go etc.
Don't get me wrong it is a beautiful country and I am happy to live here but coming from America where the weather is quite different I just thought I would mention it. So scarves and hats if your coming in the winter.

Other things that I can think of are the various foods. Don't feel obliged to try haggis etc, you can if you like but I have and don't recommend it. Certainly doesn't taste like chicken lol. We have plenty to offer in the way of take away's, restaurants and have a lot of what America does in supermarkets only often under a different name. So you should be fine with that.

Night Life is quite good if you go into one of the main towns Glasgow again for example has a vast array of pubs/clubs etc to keep you entertained. It also has some fantastic shopping centres for daytime shopping etc.

Lot's to do and lot's to see. Scotland is lovely and very enjoyable in terms of what it has to offer for all types of people. Entertainment, hobbies, recreational, study, business, academic and artistic amongst many other aspects.
Please don't let a little bit of rain and some strange accents put you off. Good Luck and hope you enjoy your time over here regardless =]

Katrina Said:

Any advice for preparing to Study Abroad in Edinburgh Scotland?

We Answered:

Hey, im at uni in Edinburgh too. Just completely be yourself, Edinburgh is a really nice city and you should fit in well. There are lots of foreign students in the city (i think about 1/4 of the cities population is made up of students). First things first, you should probably bring some warm clothes - its pretty cold and windy here up untill the end of April/early May!
Cool places to visit:
Edinburgh castle and the Royal Mile, its a really touristy place but worth it to see what Edinburgh is really like and take in some scottish history.
If you feel like it you could always head to the zoo, i think there is a bus that goes right there.
There are lots of places to visit so ill just give you this address then you can decide for yourself…

Also, you should probably take advantage of the rugby thats on at that time of year, the 6 nations, which is played untill the end of march - a handy hint here - support the scottish team and you;ll make plenty of friends (there always tends to be a night out and lots of alcohol after the rugby)

Edinburgh is quite an expensive place to visit though when compared to the rest of scotland so be prepaired to pay slightly more for food/drink/entertainment.

There are plenty of bars pubs and clubs to keep everyone entertained in the evenings with lots of student nights through the week
id say some popular clubs are; Lava Ignite, Why not?, Liquid rooms, Stereo and most places around george street.

Youll find it pretty easy because everyone should be really friendly and help you settle in!
Be prepared to taste some haggis if you havnt already (its really nice) and possibly a deep fried mars bar or 2 (lol)

Sorry for the jumbled up mess that is this answer - i've been here 3 years so ive started to take all the things in edinburgh for granted now!
Hope you enjoy your time in scotland!

Brandy Said:

How do I study abroad in Scotland?

We Answered:

This is a directory for some programs.
Hope you find one!!

Tracy Said:

Do you have any advice for an American student preparing to study abroad in Edinburgh Scotland?

We Answered:

Willow Tea House has great desserts.

A friend of my daughter started vet school in Glasgow a year ago.

Wilma Said:

Planning to study abroad in Scotland; looking for blogs?

We Answered:

I'm planning on studying there next year - so I'm looking too! I may start one - keep an eye out next fall ;)

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