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Study Abroad Semester

Joanne Said:

What is better- to study abroad for a semester or a whole year?

We Answered:

It all depends- if you want to become fluent in a foreign language and will be studying in a foreign country, it might take a year to fully adapt and get the whole experience (or speak like a native). Going abroad PERIOD is "worth it." Try talking to your employer to see what they say. If they don't want you to leave for a year, come back and find another job- guaranteed you will be more marketable because you'll have had the across-the-sea experience. And if your friends are really your friends, you'll stay in touch. Today's world is so connected with email and cell phones that are compatible overseas that it's almost impossible NOT to keep in touch! I encourage you to go a whole year, but ultimately, if you aren't comfortable with it, maybe starting out with a semester and seeing what happens is worth a shot.

Kimberly Said:

Is it possible to study abroad for half a semester?

We Answered:

Hey there...well this is not a study abroad program but i recently did a short term internship program abroad. You can do it pretty much at any point that you have free and you choose how many weeks you want to come. There are tons of opportunities both for volunteering abroad as well as interning abroad and it ends up being much cheaper than those study abroad programs. I worked at a travel magazine and the best part was being able to review restaurants and bars and also traveling with the other students on the weekends. You can check out the program that I went to...I'd recommend it to everyone.

Joshua Said:

How should I prepare for living with a host family in Paris,France for study abroad this semester?

We Answered:

Maybe try and contact her before hand through email so you can get to know each other a bit/ see how friendly she is. Obv, give some wine or something when you arrive. If she's friendly great, if she isn't then sit down with her at the beginning and thrash out details about extra keys, policy on bringing people home, food etc. Basically if you get everything sorted out then you won't have any conflict as long as you are both clear on what the house rules are.
Good luck and enjoy your stay

Johnny Said:

is it a good idea to study abroad during my last semester of my senior year in college?

We Answered:

Some universities require you to be "in residence" during your final semester. Be sure and make sure you would still graduate.

Tracy Said:

Should Public Universities Require All Students to Study Abroad one Semester?

We Answered:

Pro: language, economics, history, public relations, culture (art, music,
literature, religion, etc), travel, recreation, sports, agriculture, legal, politics, medical, science, etc. All of these and more are areas of study that would be beneficial for students.

Cons: cost, safety (dangerous world out there today), housing, food, transportation, cost, cost!!

Great idea if the cost factor can be taken care of as many students could never afford to pay their own way. Cooperation with their universities. Need to set up student exchange system.

The best education I received was living and working in Europe.
Public universities may not be able to do it???

Catherine Said:

what are the best organizations to go through in order to study abroad for a semester?

We Answered:

Check out this website if you are a college student. You can search by subject or country. The fees may look expensive, but the support they offer is amazing. Very good to have people there if any concerns crop up while abroad.

Nellie Said:

How much is it to study abroad for 1 semester?

We Answered:

I suggest you head over to the Travel - Ireland section and ask how much the cost of living is for a student, first in Ireland in general and then in Dublin. Try to figure out what students spend on rent, food and other necessities and how much they pay for tuition fees in your field of study.

With these numbers in your head you can then figure out how much you are going to need.

The problem with the exchange programs is that it is hard to tell what exactly the fees are for. Check carefully: Do they cover tuition, rent at a student dorm and the flights or just the tuition?

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To study in abroad is obviously the best thing you get the much exposure by interacting with the people of different culture and nature. And if you want to settle in a foreign country then it is better to do a complete study there instead of spending only one semester.