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Study Abroad Student

Mathew Said:

How much per year does it cost to attend a university in the UK (for a study abroad student)?

We Answered:

It depends on the course you intend to study as well as the location of the University. Most undergraduate courses range from £8,000 to £14,000 for tuition fees, with science/technical courses at the upper end of the scale, and Universities that rank higher on the league tables also charge at the upper end.

You also have to factor in your living expenses such as accomodation, food, transport, clothes, bills and entertainment. Probably another £8,000 to £10,000 or more(depending on your lifestyle).

See this link for the Uni I attended in South East England.

Sarah Said:

What are the best schools to attend for an American study abroad student from the list below?

We Answered:

depends what you want from the course and the university, they are all recognised as excellent Universities. I'm a UK student and the best places i've found to research Uni's are and so check them out and see what you think.

Wallace Said:

What's a good mobile phone plan for a study abroad student?

We Answered:

Well I know that if you have Sprint, you can call them and they can add international minutes to your phone. Also if you are using the phone for calling home, I would suggest (if you have a laptop) downloading SKYPE. It is 100% free to talk to anyone in the world as long as they too have SKYPE. But I know for sure that they have pay as you go phones all over Europe, you will need a passport and a temp. address. I know that calling in England is very expensive. Good luck and have fun in England!!

Terrence Said:

What is the best way to travel to Paris and London if you are a study abroad student?

We Answered:

It's usually best to get your tickets in advance so you can stick to a schedule and not have to worry about the train being sold out and all of that. I would take a train from Paris to London, it would be easiest to find a train from a big city (such as Paris). You're very lucky to be in a study-abroad program, do you like it? Would you recommend it?

Good luck!

Sara Said:

Is Rosetta Stone a good tool for a study abroad student?

We Answered:

You can't do Rosetta on its own and expect to learn the language or the basics. It's not a method for beginners and it doesn't teach conversational skills. What it does decently is expand your vocabulary knowledge. That's what flashcard based methods (software or not) do and Rosetta along with BYKI for example do that fairly well. So if you already have some background and knowledge of the language, then Rosetta will help you build on that. But if you are hoping to achieve any type of meaningful spoken proficiency using Rosetta alone as a beginner's method, you are barking up the wrong tree. I would recommend you start with a conversational based method. I consider Pimsleur the best product on the market for that goal. You will learn to train your ear to understand natives (an essential part of learning often overlooked by other methods), develop very good pronunciation and acquire the core structures and grammar of the language (exactly what RS fails to do.) It's also almost half the price of RS (check Amazon for best prices.) It's a terrific confidence booster as well so it will really catapult you forward in your studies. Good luck.

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I would recommend you start with a conversational based method. I consider Pimsleur the best product on the market for that goal.

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